Summer Beauty Hints from 1934

© by Elsie Pierce for The Deseret News, 1934

The bathing season is here and that means more than merely swimming (though we do agree that swimming is good for all that ails you). That, ofcourse, is to be taken with a grain of salt, but as an exercise to bring the body nearer to perfection, swimming knows no equal.

For those who cannot be near the shore all summer and would like to, there's a way to bring the ocean to the bathroom. All the soothing yet stimulating effects of a salt water dip can be enjoyed right into one's own bathroom. A hand full of salt added to a tubful of warm water makes a very restful bath before retiring. During the summer it is hardly necessary to caution not to take a very hot bath before bedtime. This should be avoided because far from being relaxing, the hot bath can be so stimulating as to keep one awake.

An occasional salt rub in the morning sets one up splendidly, making one feel alert even on an enervating day. After tub or shower while the body is still moist, rub a handful of salt over it quite vigorously. Then under the shower again and rinse off every grain of salt. This salt rub is particularly recommended to keep one free of body odor.

The shower bath is a splendid summer tonic and a habit easily formed during this season, one that can be carried over into the winter to very good advantage. It is extremely refreshing and stimulating the circulation as it does, it helps to keep eyes bright and skin clear.

Luxury baths
Then there are luxury baths and I recommend them highly, if for no other reason than the feeling of importance it gives one. Or if you've had a full day of active sports and there's to be dancing in the casino in the evening, try one of the luxury baths. Combine it with a facial. And see what happens. Your skin will glow, your eyes sparkle, you'll hold your head high too, unconciously, and like as not you'll have twice as many partners pleading for the next dance.

A floral scent that not only perfumes the bath but softens the water like rain has won many friends. Its delicate fragrance clings to the body for hours. It is soothing and restful and truly delightful prelude to the gayest evening.

For daytime there's pine. It's popularity has increased rapidly the past few years and now men, women and children all love its invigorating, woodsy fragrance. 


  1. I am as passionate as you about the 50s. Lovely post Lindsay. I love the hat the lady is wearing!

  2. Lovely tips, thank you for sharing them, sweet dear. How amazing is that hat? I think all of us vintage loving ladies would adore adding a wide brimmed stunner like that to our closest this season.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I would love to have such a hat in my collection, but sadly these hats don't really suit me haha! It would look more than stunning on you, though!


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