Jean Harlow Declares Good Soap Best Aid To Beauty

"Despite all the care which she gives to her personal appearance, Jean Harlow still insists that the best beauty aids are absolutely free.

Fresh air, sunshine, water - maybe a bar of soap will cost a dime - exercise, sleep, those are the surest way to keep in shape," repeated Jean today as she ran the comb again through her now honeyblonde locks before going into a scene of MGM's "Personal Property," with Robert Taylor.

"Yes I know I devote a terrible amount of time to this hair of mine," admitted Jean with a grin, "but I don't spend much on it. It just happens to be the kind of hair that simply won't stay in place unless it's combed every few minutes, and the hot lights on the set dry it out so fast that it has to have a castor or olive oil massage once a week. But apart from my hair I think I do practice what I preach about beauty."

A sweater and slacks, or a bathing suit, compromise the favorite Harlow costume when she's not actually at work in a picture. Then, she always takes a brisk walk before breakfast, and, after breakfast, soaks in as much sunshine as she can. Cosmetics she uses only when the occasion demands that she appear in public, and then all the beauty aids are kept to a minimum.

"Maybe it's because I'm lazy, but believe me I don't waste time on powder and lipstick when I don't have to," declared Jean. "Then again, when you're under the close scrutiny of the camera you have to be so very careful that your nose isn't shiny and your eyebrows crooked, that it's a relief to look a bit dowdy when you're in the privacy of your home."

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  1. She is spot on here through and through. I take such a basic approach to my skin care and beauty routine, in part because my skin is super sensitive and in another part, because I just can't justify spending big bucks on the latest and (supposedly) greatest beauty products. I've been using Dove's bar soap and body wash for sensitive skin for nearly two decades now and will stick with them so long as they're produced. They don't both me a tick and are very wallet friendly.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I actually never really tried Dove, but heard good things about it. I might give it a try, since my skin is very very sensitive aswell!

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