Hollywood Household Hints: Joan Bennett

Here's an intriguing use of the antique. Joan Bennett, being given an antique colonial cradle (according to modern standards, these just aren't the place for baby), converted it into a magazine holder, tucks it in between the couches at her fireplace. The hand that rocks the cradle ----

© Spokane Daily Chronicle - 1942


  1. This in an interesting idea.
    To tell the truth, parents do need to figure about what to do with all the baby-things (unless they are in the "pass along" crew - giving it to friends who are expecting; that's how it works here)

    HAPPY EASTER, dear!


  2. Very clever idea! I always get such a rush when I hear antiques mentioned like this is what is now, to us, a vintage context. It can be easy to forget that appreciating and collecting decades and centuries old items is not a new fad at all. Quit the contrary, actually, and were it not for folks with an interest in such who came before us, we wouldn't have many of the antiques that we do today, so we definitely owe them a great deal of gratitude, if you ask me.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'd say that's true! And the idea mentioned by Joan is a lovely one!


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