Beauty Hints Given by Hollywood stars 1940

Merle Oberon
The lovely brunette Merle Oberon favors the honey facial as a weekly treatment for her velvety white skin. The first step in her treatment is a soap and water cleansing, followed with a whitening rinse of oatmeal water. This is made by dropping a handful of the oatmeal in a gauze bag and allowing it to seep through when soaked in a basin of warm water. The honey mask follows and is removed with soft cotton pads wrung out in warm water.

Ann Sheridan
Glamor girl Ann Sheridan is a devotee of that perfect food, milk. She drinks a quart a day between meals for her beauty vitamins. A warm glassful serves as a bedtime sedative and according to Ann, there's nothing finer as a softener and whitener for a harsh complexion and taking the sting out of a painful sunburn.

Rosemary Lane
Rosemary Lane finds the yolk of an egg, mixed with lemon juice, an effective treatment for persistent freckles. To remove her studio makeup, she uses nothing but natural peanut oil.

Perc Westmore 
According to Perc Westmore, thé Hollywood makeup expert, many a makeup is ruined two hours after a girl leaves her dressing table because she doesn't carry the proper retouching articles in her handbag. If she has, for instance, the inverted triangle type face of Geraldine Fitzgerald's, and has carefully blended a darker shade of foundation and powder over the upper face to decrease its width, then she should carry along a matching shade of powder. Geraldine has a small jeweled shaker of dark complexion powder just for this purpose.

Lipstick should not be applied after dinner, until the old rouge is removed. The little squares of tissue can be carried in your purse for this but you'll never win the admiration of your companions if you proceed to makeup at the table. It's not polite, and besides the larger mirrors of the powder room will be more satisfactory for careful inspection.

Gale Page
On or offscreen, lovely Page Gale elicits glowing compliments on the beauty of her eyes. She gives the following hints for keeping the eyes lustrous and glowing. Tiny wrinkles about the eyes can be gently but firmly dealt with by spreading a thin film of massage cream about the area, and, looking up at to the ceiling. Then, with the eyes in this position, gently pat the surface. Better circulation not only erases the thin lines of fatigue and brightens the eyes but relaxes them aswell.

Every morning, Gale economizes on her beauty time by doing eye exercises along with her deep breathing. Spotting an object farthest in her line of vision, she keeps her eyes glued to this point for several minutes. Then the eyes are rolled from side to side, up and down. She uses an eyewash first thing in the morning, and again before going to bed. She believes pads of aromatic herbs dipped in cool water, along witg dark glasses should be on every girl's list when she goes shopping for eye beauty.

© The Milwaukee Sentinel, 1940


  1. What miss Gale Page is doing is actually a medical treatment, you know?
    My doctor has given me the same "exercises" to cure my cross-eyes. And, believe it or not - Page's exercises worked marvelously.. just check my images (you can't tell I was EVER cross-eyed gal, right?) :)
    Great post dear Lindsay!


    1. I certainly could not! How marvelous that it worked so well!
      I catch myself staring too long to my laptop screen, and often do eye exercises to relax them. Very imporant in my opinion.

  2. It's always intriguing to me how some vintage celebs focused (quite literally in Gale's case) on certain elements of their health/appearance that few people - in our out of the limelight - give any thought to on a daily basis in the 21st century (gum health is another that falls into that camp).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Throughout the years it became very difficult what to believe of the health advices going on. This year something is healthy and the next year its proven to be, for example, cancer causing. It changes so quickly! I think we should stick closer to the health advices given in yesterday - sans abundant suntanning and smoking ofcourse! ;-)


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