Snappy eyebrows make lovely lady!

Finely arched, they are expressive facial adornment, says Dolores!

The eyebrows seldom get their just dues in the scheme of beauty. And yet the expression of the face may be immeasurably deepened or destroyed by them. 

"The fact that uncared for eyebrows do not look as badly as other features equally uncared for is prone to make us forget how lovely they may be when given proper treatment," Dolores del Rio said.

The first problem is whether to pluck the eyebrows. Only on rare types are heavily plucked eyebrows becoming. It is best to remove only the unruly hairs and not attempt to change the contour of the eyebrows.

If they are too thin, rub them with vaseline or yellow oxide of mercury each night and brush them with an eyebrow brush.

Brows too light in color may be touched up with mascara or they may be dyed by an experienced beauty operator. Do not attempt to dye them yourself. The final touch is in making up.

© The Pittsburgh Press, 1929


  1. I'll skip the yellow oxide of mercury, but do very much agree that brows are a very important part of a well put together face. My natural ones are very pale blond and immensely sparse. Without makeup, it almost looks as though I don't have any, so even on those rare times when I don't wear much makeup and leave the house, drawing on brows are a must!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I have read so often of the yellow oxide of mercury as a beauty tool, and I really wonder where it gets from.

      What you have with your eyebrows, I have with my lashes!


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