My Beauty Hint: Nancy Carroll [ Weekly Feature ]

N A N C Y   C A R R O L L

"Have you ever tried a bathtub facial? With a bath-tray across the tub to hold a mirror and the cream, oil and astringent jars I first apply a cleansing cream to my face. Next, I pat oil beneath my eyes and nourishing cream into my face and neck. With a rubber patter or my fingers I then gently tap these cosmetics into the pores. After this I usually rest in the tub for 10 minutes. Then I rub off the cream, use a mild astringent to tone up my skin and apply a piece of ice wrapped in a towel to my eyes, forehead and neck. A cold shower is a final touch. This is very refreshing after a day's work."


  1. You know, that sounds rather heavenly - especially during the summer months when a cold show is always amongst the most relaxing ways to end the day. Great little tip!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Although I know it's better to have a warm shower in hot weather, I sometimes can't help it to turn the faucet to cold!


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