My Beauty Beliefs by Bebe Daniels

It's not difficult for a woman to have a good complexion if she will only pay a little attention to the care of the skin. Many women, on getting up in the morning, dab a little powder on their faces and a little rouge on their cheeks. This is harmful to the skin and shows a decided streak of laziness.

Cleanse the skin every night before retiring, with a good cream. I do. In selecting a powder, one should always consider her color. Don't pay any attention to fads, unless they lend themselves to your type. Many times standard colors of powder will not suit you. You may get the desired color by blending.

Diet and exercise are vital factors in a girl's health and beauty. Beauty, as it is often said, is more than skin deep. Live outdoors as much as possible. Exercise above all. Play golf and go horseback riding.

Live a healtful life and beauty will take care of itself.

© Bebe Daniels, 1926


  1. Yet again, I love how the starlets of yore were dishing out beauty advice (mix your own powders, in this case) that many 21st century ladies magazines (and certain YouTube beauty gurus) all but act like they just discovered for the first time.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Exactly! I have been reading and sharing these advices of the past and it shows that there is nothing new under the sun!


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