Hollywood Household Hints: Ginger Rogers | Weekly Feature

Ginger at home

Little brother's marbles come in handy in modern flower arrangements. Ginger Rogers finds a heap of marbles just the thing for supporting sprays of flowers in low bowls. Use as many as needed to support the weight, place them any place in the bowl you like. Very pretty and convenient - and inexpensive. (But don't steal your brother's - buy your own!)

© Spokane Daily Chronicle, 1941


  1. Lindsay,
    I must admit: this is ingenious! I will surely use it - I have a small vase, and snowdrops do tend to be light weight.. so I always fear of things falling down.
    Thanks for the idea!


    1. I am so glad you liked it and I hope that it works out!

  2. She was ahead of the trend of using glass semi-circles/design marbles in floral arranging by decades. So cool!

    ♥ Jessica


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