My Beauty Hint: Miriam Jordan

M I R I A M    J O R D A N

"Stretch whenever you can. It is on easy reducing treatment and also tends to stimulate the body action. When I arise in the morning, I stretch for atleast ten minutes before taking my shower. Before retiring I lie on the floor and stretch my arms backward over my hand and with legs stiff raise first one and then the other, then both. It's an invigorating exercise."


  1. Lovely tip - we stretch today in yoga, Pilates and so many other formal forms of exercise, why not start the day off with something as similar as just doing a bit yourself at home. It worked for many a vintage starlet and can no doubt continue to for us today as well.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Well these days it's all about what is en vogue. I must admit that I, myself, am stretching through the Yoga practise and it truly works for me. Though one should not underestimate the simple things such as stretching the way is mentioned above.


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