Your eyes are mirrors of real beauty

Anyone who needs further proof that the time and effort spent beautifying eyes are not worth while has only to look at a Hollywood star before, then again just as she is ready for a screen test. What the make-up artists in the studio can do to make merely so-so eyes appear larger, more luminous, really lovely, is nothing short of miraculous.

Naturally, no woman of good taste wants to follow the screen technique of eye make-up. One cannot go around during day time hours, or evening either, for that matter, with layers of mascara on lashes, false lashes to make her own seem longer, more luxuriant, or quantities of eyeshadow on eyelids. However, she can appreciate that shiny lids, subtly darkened lashes and neatly groom eyebrows enhance the appearance of anyone's eyes. For instance, do you brush a tiny speck of cold cream lightly over the eyelids right after you powdered your face and applied rouge? You should, you know. The resulting gleam created the effect for you that eyeshadows does for the motion picture star before camera - without making your face seem to hard or too made up.

When you powder around the eyes, it's a good idea to spread slightly the skin at the outer corner, then to press the powder on firmly. This way, fine lines do not show up as cracks in the powder. As a finishing touch, moisten your mascara brush with plain water, then brush eyelashes and brows. If either is absolutely colorless or painfully pale, apply a very thin coat of mascara, and be sure you use a waterproof variety.

If your lashes stick out here and curl there, get one of the eyelash curler gadgets and use it to make them curl upward and stay that way. If you are miserable every time you have to pluck out a stray hair near your brows, you might consider an automatic tweezer. Do not, however, get overly enthusiastic everytime you have a tweezer in your hands. It is not smart to pluck your eyebrows thin, under natural lines. Let them grow as nature intended, removing only straggling hairs that grow across the bridge of the nose, on lids, and so on.
For holiday parties (mostly for fun, however) there are silver and golden eyeshadows to be applied lightly on the lids. Also a new bluissh-green mascara that makes lashes shine nicely and look longer.

© written by Alicia Hart for The Pittsburg Press, 1937


  1. Those are great tips!
    I however do not really agree with the eyebrow part. When unplucked, my eyebrows are enormous and look like that of an inmate and they make me look very sulky and angry. If I only pluck away a few hairs it won't make it better, so in order to look 'normal' I actually have to pluck vigorously!

    1. Hi Jopie, good to see you here! I tried to follow you but I didn't saw the follow button so I have bookmarked your blog (I already had btw).

      I was a bit amused when I read these tips, as it's written in the 1930s and the (very) thin eyebrow was immensly popular.

      I do think your eyebrows, when plucked, look natural and very beautiful and not too thin. I think the writer of this article was targeting the fact that eyebrows plucked too thin under the natural lines, is a no go. Yours look natural to me :-)


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