[ Newspaper throwback ] Gladys Glad's beauty advice, 1935

[ Gladys Glad photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston ]

The petite and lovely Anita Page, who became a cinema star at the age of 16 without having any previous exprience, admits that often, when working in pictures, she wears false eyelashes to enhance her eyes. When not emoting before the Kliegs, however, Anita generally uses only mascara on her lashes. Since her own lashes are naturally luxuriant, she considers mascara quite sufficient to bring out the full loveliness of her eyes.

Ofcourse, every modern lass knows that a bit of mascara applied skillfully to the lashes greatly increases their beauty and allure. Yet there are some women who decline to use this cosmetic because they fear that if any mascara gets into their eyes, it might be greatly injure their sight. Beliefs like this sometimes arise from harm done by bad products, and sometimes merely from old-fashioned superstitions. It is in this last class that the belief regarding the harmfulness of mascara usually belongs.

[ Anita Page for Maybelline ]

A good mascara really contains only pure, simple ingredients. Naturally, if you get any mascara into your eyes, it will irritate them somewhat, but so will everything else, for that matter, even a speck of dust. Mascara, however, only causes temporary irritation. And if you use a good mascara, it will not do any real, permanent injury to your eyes or to your sight. So don't let this mistaken notion interfere with your use of mascara.

If you wish to prevent even any temporary irritation to your eyes from mascara, however, and to obtain the best results from its use, it is a good idea to learn how to apply and remove this cosmetic properly. Before applying mascara, brush a bit of vaseline on your lashes with an upward stroke, so that it will provide a smooth service for the reception of mascara. Then brush the mascara on your lashes lightly and carefully.

In removing mascara from the lashes, stand over a basin of tepid water, and with a bit of absorbent cotton, lave the water over your eyes until all the mascara has been removed, keeping your eyes tightly closed during the process. After this, cold-cream your entire face. This procedure will remove any remaining bits of the mascara. If you select a reliable mascara, and apply and remove it properly, it shouldn't injure your eyes, but should help greatly in increasing your loveliness.

© Gladys Glad for the Reading Eagle, 1937


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