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Miss Lindsay Lane retires

“There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book” To my dear followers,   I have been pondering long and hard about this decision, even to the extent that it gave me sleepless nights. One day I decided to just continue with this blog, and the other day I was so sure I wanted to pull the plug. I constantly switched between the two, not knowing what was best or what I really wanted. I have been thinking about letting go of this blog for quite some time now, but to be frank: I never really had the guts to call it quits, because I was afraid that my decisions were made on a whim and that I would come to regret it, or that it was based on the mood episodes I so often have. The final decision has finally been made and I decided to retire Miss Lindsay Lane . It is a painful decision nonetheless, which might sound weird to those who do not blog themselves. But those who do, know that a blog is something you become very attached to, as it

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