Reviews and Modelling

Want me to write a review and/or model your products? And what can you expect?
If you think my blog, Miss Lindsay Lane, is the right blog to write a review or model one or more of your products, then there are a few things I'd like you to know first. Read on!

What can you expect from the review?
You can expect an elaborate written review with honest opinions. Honesty to my readers is of utmost importance to me. I will write the review within two weeks or a month tops. The review and modelling will come with good quality photos.

I will also send you a draft of the written review before I publish it. Your brand/shop can give the green light and, if there are any, can give some additions that I might have forgotten but what you really want to have mentioned in the review. My opinion in the review can not be changed. If you approve of the written review, I will hit the publish button.

The review, and/or modelling photos, will be written and done in exchange for the product(s) your brand/shop has sent me.

When the review has been published, it will be mentioned on all of my social media with your brand/shop tagged.

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