Wednesday's Wardrobe Wishlist | Sophie Beale Minnie Hat

January 27, 2016

I remember a funny period where, when I was still in high school, I used to go to large warehouses after school with my friends to fit hats - to have a big laugh and just look silly. We tried on some of the craziest hats available, but I remember my friends telling me that, no matter what hat I tried on, it always looked somehow ... right on me. Perhaps it was because of the fact that I really loved hats and berets, and what have you, and I still do.

Luckily, my favorite fashion periods have plenty of hats involved - it was actually seen as rude to go out without a hat - and it's one of my biggest joys in dressing vintage. Yes, it takes some courage to wear a hat these days, but I have never had a single negative remark on my wearing a hat.

Although I rarely wear a hat these days, with absolute exception of berets and large brimmed straw hats in the summer, I catch myself regularly ooh-ing and aah-ing when I see pretty hats.

One such a hat is this beautiful Sophie Beale Minnie hat from Hood London; a black embroidered nylon coolie hat, with mulberry suede under the brim and detailed with black velour felt and cord trim. I am in love with it.

I think this hat would look fabulous combined with an oriental vintage dress for summer. How would you pair it?

You can find the hat by clicking *here*.

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  1. Very swoon worthy chapeau. Love!!! My blink styling instinct is to go for a really structured late 30s or early 40s ensemble (probably with a skirt suit at its heart), with oodles of glamour to it. Something like what one of the characters in the film The Women might have won.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The skirt suit is a marvelous idea. I love the movie The Women, and yes, this hat would fit with the fashion shown in the movie very well.


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