Renewed Recap of my week #3

January 24, 2016

Some of you who read this blog also follow me on Instagram, and suddenly it dawned on me how dull it must be to read these blog posts with photos you've already seen on Instagram.

So, I decided to continue the recaps of my week with not only Instagram photos, but also also photos that I don't post on Instagram. I make a heck of a lot of photos, but not all of them are Instagram worthy, or I just plainly forget to share them there.

This week was a hectic one, as my little kitten Percy had to be neutered. I talk about that in *this* post. Just as with Figaro when he got neutered years ago, I was just as nervous when it was Percy's turn to be castrated. It just doesn't feel right to leave them behind without us being able to explain to them that we will pick him up as soon as he's awake after the operation. But all went well, and Percy is darting through the house as if nothing happened. He's not even holding a grudge against me for letting the vet chop off his manhood.

I also had a wonderful cooking workshop with a bunch of girlfriends, although I didn't make a lot of photos there as I had too much fun and I was too concentrated to learn something. It was a great day out with the girls, whom I hadn't seen in a while. We laughed as in the old days.

I hope you all had a lovely week. Let's see what was mine!

It was a bit stormy in my hometown and I had an appointment which I would go to by foot, so to protect my vintage curls, I wrapped this headscarf around them. Glamorous!

I made these delicious goji berries and oatmeal pancakes, with agave syrup and fresh fruit. These pancakes are great on cold mornings, ánd they're high in protein.

I made this photo of the soulful eyes of my cat Figaro. This is a crop, but the original photo also has his ear on it.

Percy got neutered this week. You can read about it in *this post* .

Dark and stormy evenings ask for candles everywhere.

This is a scented candle that I love a lot, as the smell is very subtle. The scent is white tea. I always prefer this instead of fake and heavy fruit-y smells that so many scented candles have. I love this one for the bathroom aswell whenever I have my home spa's.

I love many different salts, and recently I added this black lava salt from Hawaii to my collection. The yellow salt is smoked Viking salt, which is smoked in the traditional Viking-way on juniper wood. Lovely and so delicious.

I recommend to watch it 'till the end. And try not to laugh! ;-)

Pancakes are versatile. And I wanted to demonstrate that by making this elaborate sunday lunch! So, yesterday I took my pen and notebook (in which I write my own recipes) and went to work, to think about a filling for the pancake wraps.

 I came up with a filling of houmous, fake chicken ("kipstuckjes") from The Vegetarian Butcher (they have thé best meat substitutes), avocado, cucumber, chipotle sauce and black lava salt from Hawaii. So delicious! Recipe soon on my foodblog.

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  1. Love those cat shots! Kittens are the best <3

  2. Very cool addition! I love that we'll get to see even more elements of your life in these enjoyable weekly posts, sweet dear.

    Big hugs & happy last week of January wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! <3


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