Recap of my weeks #1 and #2

January 17, 2016

Hi everybody, how is 2016 treating you so far? And, if you made them, how are your new years resolutions going?

One of my 'new years resolutions' was to be less active on the internet. Which didn't really worked out as I planned so far. My plan was actually to refrain from the internet altogether, just for the first few weeks of January, but I have a few collaborations for both my blogs going, plus a collaboration for a bookcover, so I had to be in my mailbox quite often.

As for living healthier/greener, I downloaded a few apps for my phone, which are to support an even healthier lifestyle than I already had. My diet is healthy, so no big changes to be made there, but I suffer a lot of stress (this resulted in me having severe neck pain for the past 4 weeks - and it's not over yet) and I now use the app S Health to track down my stress level, by putting my finger on the sensor on the back of the phone. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S5, and this app comes standard with the phone. It's a nice app, really. I have this phone for a while now, but I never noticed this app until a week ago.

The app let's me measure my blood pressure, which I think is pretty advanced and handy as I have been diagnosed with hypertension years ago, and it also measures my heart rate, caffeïne intake (only organic tea for me the past months), walking steps, calories intake and sleep pattern. Nifty, right!?

But, I hardly used Instagram these past days and that means the recaps are short.

Let's see!

Every New Year's Eve I make these avocado filled deviled eggs. I am a gal addicted to avocados. I have them for breakfast, lunch, snack and sometimes for dinner in a salad. They're so versatile, named one of the healthiest foods in the worlds and so darn delicious.

These's deviled eggs are always a huge success.

I found an amazingly beautiful powder compact with the powder still in it. But something told me that the powder and the compact did not belong to eachother. And I was right. Ben and I niggled the powder out of the compact and found a little note underneath it.

I love little things like these!

Living healthy is immensly important to me, bút ... sometimes I love to indulge myself with luxurious chocolate. I live for moments like these: sipping tea from a floral china cup (with my all time favorite smoked Lapsang Souchong tea - which is smoked on pine- or cypresswood) a good book, and a chocolate treat. I love these moments especially with the fireplace burning and snow outside.

Your Beauty Mark, a musthave for every pin up girl or glamour eccentric. I love experimenting with the hairstyles Dita shows in her book. So I did often.

Percy's incredibly fuzzy paw. People who stroke him often remark that he's só soft, that you hardly feel him being so soft. Our vet even told us they never had a cat who felt so soft. Proud mommy here!

During my daily walk I came across this sweet (sadly overexposed) booplesnoot. It's a lionhead rabbit and she reminded me of my own lionhead rabbit I had when I was a child. 

Have a nice week you all!

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  1. It's really exciting to watch a new year unfold through your photos again, sweet Lindsay. I look forward to each future week and all the engaging, lovely images you'll share with us.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That sounds really exciting about the book cover!


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