Recap of my week #51

December 20, 2015

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week, although I guess most of you are pretty much stressed out because of Christmas preparations. If you are not, lucky laidback person you! I can tell you, I certainly am stressed out for Christmas. As much as I love cooking, I dislike planning meals for Christmas. It's actually what I have been doing most this week, and I hardly used my Instragram account.

I 'de-stressed' by reading in the book Your Beauty Mark (I wish it would never end) which helped me a great deal. I suffer fatique by stress (which has nothing to do with Christmas actually) and a very persistent sinusitis (can you tell I am a person prone to stress?) and very, very tired eyes. I have to take a step back, as I am heading towards a burn out. And nobody wants a burn out.

It's a hell to try and keep my eyes open all the time, when all they want to do is just close and let me sleep. So I took a long break and I sleep for most of the time, or reading books, taking walks and watch classic Disney movies. I dislike sleeping in daytime, but sometimes you really have to bow down to it, in order to get better.

I also tried (read: tried) to spend my time away from any computer or telephone screen as much as possible, and hopefully I am my energetic self in no time again. Being deadly tired áll the time is a special kind of hell, certainly when one has, and wants, to do so much!

Without more nagging (I am so sorry, readers), let's see what my week looked like.

I am not really an exercising person, I prefer a good walk above an hour at the gym, but the exercising thát I do, beside walking, are Yoga and Pilates. I was in need of some new routines, as my old ones are starting to bore me. 

In Dita's Your Beauty Mark book, there are lots of exercises explained and I can't wait to get started.

Drawing Disney princesses. Here's Aurora of sleeping beauty. The drawing isn't finished yet, and I really like to do this drawing with watercolor paint aswell. All in the name of relaxation.

This week I arrived at part two of the magnificent book Your Beauty Mark. I am trying to read it as slowly as possible. I don't want it to end. ;-)

Which brow is your favorite? Mine is Audrey Hepburn's brow! Lauren is a close runner up.

Finally the MAC Von Teese lipstick arrived. I love it so much, I decided to write a review about it, which will air this week on this blog. Red lipstick makes me so happy.

Certainly one of the most stunning corsets I've ever seen. The corset is made by Mr. Pearl. If you are into corsetry, his works of art are really worth looking up.

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  1. That corset is just beautiful! Hope you feel better and less stressed soon!
    Merry Christmas from the UK :) Em x

    1. Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas to you too! xxx

  2. Goodness gracious, is it ever. Existing in a world where each seemingly simple step, breath and action feels like you're walking through quicksand while being chronically sleep deprived is truly horrible (yet, it still, of course, means that you're alive and that is beyond important). I am deeply sorry that it's something you have to contend with as well, my sweet friend.

    Here's wishing you a serene, beautiful last few days of December and an equally relaxing New Year!

    ♥ Jessica


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