Recap of my week #50

December 13, 2015

Hi dear readers, I hope you all had a lovely week! I had a buzy one, but it was a nice week nonetheless.

This week my father was presented the golden medal for his 36 years of loyal service to the Royal Dutch Airforce. I went to Breda to attend the ceremony. Suffice to say I felt very proud.

I also finally received my copy of Your Beauty Mark, by none other than Dita von Teese. I was as happy as a little child when it arrived, considering that I've been waiting for this book for five years, and there were also troubles with my pre-order. But I got it now and it is everything I hoped it would be, and more. I feel proud to belong to the eccentric club Dita talks about in this book.

Let's see what my week looked like.

With my significant other at the airforce tower in Breda. Somehow the lighting makes it look like I have something stuck between my teeth.
With my sister in Breda to attend the ceremony where our father received the golden medal.

 Je Maintiendrai. It means "I will maintain". The motto of the Netherlands since 1815. This was one of the windows of the airforce tower in Breda. It was so high!

Beautiful sunset. I took this photo from the 17th floor of the airforce tower.

With my father. His name is Nick.

My father receiving his golden medal. Me and my sister both received large bouquets of flowers. Beautiful ones at that!

The best manicure ever, and my favorite! The half moon manicure, popular in the 1940s.

Finally I received my copy of Your Beauty Mark. It's a huge and heavy book. I love it.

Sadly I didn't tested the marker before I started to write my name in my Your Beauty Mark copy, otherwise I would have known that it was almost empty. Oh well, I think it's clear the copy is mine!
Truth spoken in Your Beauty Mark! My own nail shape is the first in the row!

Whilst having an autumn walk we found Bambi! She was not hurt, just very relaxed.

 My love and me.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with Dita. Square nails are so ugly! I like mine almond or stiletto-shaped. And you and your sweetheart look so cute together! XOXO!

  2. Yay!!! That book is topping my vintage read wishlist soooo much right now. Agreed completely regarding square nails. Mine aren't strong enough usually for long, but no matter what length, they're rounded.

    Happy reading!

    ♥ Jessica


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