Top 10 Must Watch Film Noirs for Noirvember #2

November 13, 2015

Part one of this serie was such a succes that I decided to make a part 2.

1. Desperate (1947)
"A young married couple flee both police and a gangster out for revenge."

2. Sorry, wrong number (1948)
"Whilst on the telephone, an invalid woman overhears what she thinks is a murder plot and attempts to prevent it."

3. Somewhere in the Night (1946)
"George Taylor returns from WWII with amnesia. Back home in Los Angeles, while trying to track down his old identity, he stumbles onto a 3-year old murder case and a hunt for a missing $2 million."

4. Railroaded (1947)
"A beautician and her crooked boyfriend attempt to rob the bookie operation located in the back room, but when the plan goes wrong, they frame an innocent man."

5.  Lady in the Lake (1947)
"The lady editor of a crime magazine hires Philip Marlowe to find the wife of her boss. The private detective soon finds himself involved in murder."

6. Phantom Lady (1944)
"A beautiful secretary risks her life to try to find the elusive woman who may prove her boss didn't murder his selfish wife."

7. The Dark Past (1948)
"An escaped psychopathic killer who takes the family and neighbors of police psychologist hostage reveals a recurring nightmare to the doctor."

8. Conflict (1945)
"An engineer trapped in an unhappy marriage murders his wife in the hope of marrying her younger sister."

9. The Dark Mirror (1946)
"A man is found murdered, with witnesses convinced about the woman they saw leaving his apartment. However, it becomes apparent that the woman has a twin, and finding out which one is the killer seems impossible."

10. The Mask of Dimitrios (1944)
"Mystery writer Cornelius Leyden becomes intrigued when the murdered body of a vicious career criminal washes up in the Bosphorus."

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  1. These great poster drive home the point that vintage movies usually had way better taglines than today's do. How can you not be intrigued by "The face of danger was the face of the man she loved?"

    Wishing you a terrific weekend, lovely Lindsay!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I wholeheartedly agree!

      I hope you had an amazing weekend!


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