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November 16, 2015

Travelling is one of my life's biggest delights and is something I love to do more in the future. When I came across this fun tag on the Dutch blog Eat, Pray, Love of my online friend Rosanne, I knew I really liked to add this tag to my blog aswell.

Here we go!

Which countries in the world have you visited?
France (x4), Czech-Republic, Malta, Belgium (x2), United Kingdom(x3), Germany (x5) 

Which destination is at the top of your bucket list? In other words: where do you REALLY want to go some day?
Absolutely Egypt. I really want to go to Valley of the Kings and old Caïro. But Egypt isn't safe to travel to at the moment, so I guess I have to put it on the back burner. Norway is another destination I'd love to go to, and also Mauritius.
 Prague (2011)

What is your most ideal vacation (beach, shopping trip, cultural holidays, etc)?
Definitely a cultural holiday. When I travel, I want to see something of the culture of the country I am in, taste the culture, hear the culture, feel the culture. Is there a beautiful blue ocean and white sandy beach? Ofcourse I'll visit it and swim in it, but not all the time. I like to be active, hunt adventure.

Which place did you find so special, that you want to visit it again?
Montribourg in France. We had a rented a huge rural French house in the middle of nowhere in the forest. It was só desolate. The people living in a town nearby even closed their windows when you walked through the streets and were still drewing water from a well. It all felt very medieval-like, a bit like we ended up in the Twilight Zone.

Celebrating New Year's eve in Antwerp with Ben (2012)

Have you ever been sent to a nice location for work? If so, where?
Not really for work, but for a model job: I had a photoshoot in an abandoned factory in Germany somewhere in 2009.

With whom do you usually travel?
The person I have a relationship with; I love to explore a country together. 

With whom do you ever want to go on a vacation? (this can be anyone: family, friend(s) or famous person)
No famous person, that's for sure, because I don't like travelling with a person that I don't know personally. But I love to travel with the love of my life, and so we do.
Who, or what, would you take to a desert island?
A survival kit and my boyfriend, the love of my life, Ben (who knows a lot of survival).

 Newcastle upon Tyne (2011)

Have you ever been to a vacation in your own country?
Yes I've been on a vacation in Terschelling, Zeeland (x2) and Paasloo. All in the Netherlands.

Would you rather go to a theme park or a zoo?
I'd rather go to neither of the two. Both have too many people packed together, plus I don't like zoo's because of the caged animals.

Would you rather have a winter- or sun vacation?
Both have their charms. But imagine a long day in the snow and at the end of the day get warm with a hot drink in a cute log cabin in the woods. I've had sun vacations before but never a winter vacation, so for a change I'd go for that for now. I actually love both and can not choose.

What is your best holiday memory?
 Actually a lot, but, foodie that I am, I love the memories of eating typical cuisines of the countries I travelled to. For instance: in Prague I had the best dumplings ever, in Malta I tasted swordfish and rabbit (both before I became a vegetarian, and the rabbit was absolutely horrible because the rabbit's skull lay in a big splash of tomato and bean mush), in Antwerp I had the most delicious Gofre's (Belgian sugar waffles), which are sold on the street, and in Newcastle and London I ate elaborate English breakfasts (with the most horrible coffee, I must say, sorry Britons) and in France I regularly ate perfect and freshly baked, warm croissants.

But also my best travel memories are of visiting well-known architectural buildings, such as the astronomical clock on the old town square in Prague, the Big Ben and Tower Bridge in London, The Grand Masters Palace in Valetta in Malta, the St.Paul's church in Rabat in Malta, Guild buildings and the Cathedral of Our lady in Antwerp, et cetera.

What is your least nice holiday memory?
When I was in Malta I was swimming in that beautiful clear blue sea, but was stung by a jelly fish twice on one of my buttocks. It hurt a lot and later it started to itch. The worst itch I ever felt. I went crazy, especially since I didn't want to scratch my buttock ever two minutes. It started to itch so bad that, after a week of being back in my own country, I had to go to the ER because it started to itch again and swell horribly.

Malta (2012) 

To which countries are you travelling this year?
Well, 2015 is almost to its end and, sadly, I will not be travelling to any countries anymore this year. 

Where would you never go on holiday?
I don't really say no to any country, because I really love to travel and see something of the world. But I would never go to touristic hotspots where a lot of people from my own country are. When I am in a foreign country, I really don't want to hear any Dutch language spoken, or smell and eat Dutch cuisine. Many Dutch people are very fond of places in, for example, Spain where every Dutch tourist and their mother flock together, lay on the beach with other Dutch people, eat typical Dutch cuisine they can also eat when they're at home. No, that's so not me!

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  1. Wat leuk dat jij hem ook hebt ingevuld! En jouw antwoord op de laatste vraag is zo herkenbaar haha. Ik ga dat nog even toevoegen aan mijn eigen tag, dat was ik helemaal vergeten :).

    1. Hahaha, het is echt zo dat heel veel Nederlanders dat doen. Zo zonde! Leuk dat jij dat ook herkent.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your travels, and I'm a little envious of the places you've been! Most of them are high on the list of places I want to see. Such a shame about the jellyfish sting though. Somehow, despite living in Australia and swimming in the ocean a lot as a child, I've never actually been stung! I agree about avoiding the hotspots as well, I just don't see the point of them really. I know a lot of people from Australia who pay so much money to travel to Europe, only to go on tours with fellow foreigners to see all the major tourist destinations... nothing personal or private or interesting! I think that's such a waste of time and money! I'd rather explore more.

    1. I'm so with you on this, and the fun thing is: I'd LOVE to visit Australia one day. I have a friend living there and I'd love to visit him. But, I really really hate scary bugs and I heard Australia is the main capital of those! Still, one day I really hope to visit your beautiful country.

  3. Very cool tag! I love travelling and seeing more of the world, as well as my own vast country. You always find such awesome tags, lovely Lindsay, and once again, this is one I'll be bookmarking and hoping to answer some day, too (I did the 99 Things tag at long last this past week).

    Big hugs & happy mid-November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'd love to read your answers on these questions. I love reading about other people's travels and experiences.


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