Recap of my week #46

November 15, 2015

Christmas lights have been hung throughout the city - which makes it all the more idyllic - and it storms in my country; that's definitely a sign that winter is almost here. It also means a candle-lit house (I even lit candles in the bathroom and bedroom, it's just so cozy) and drink large cups of hot cocoa after a chilly evening walk, and ofcourse feast on comfort foods.

Sadly this week was also a week of sadness, because of the terrorist attacks in Paris. A city I lost my heart to years ago when I visited it twice. My thoughts are with the surviving victims, and the family members and friends of the victims who will not come home anymore. I can only imagine the intense grief that comes with it. The official Paris motto is what comes to mind: Fluctuat Nec Mergitur (Latin for: She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink). Restez Forts, France!

This week was also sad, because it marked the 'deathversary' of my beloved dog Kimbo, whom we had to euthanize a year ago on the 10th of november, because of his suffering and old age. As a child I wanted nothing more than a dog, it was my biggest wish. When I got Kimbo, a beaútiful Jack Russel terrier pup, when I was 11, I was in heaven. Sadly, Kimbo was not like other dogs, but it didn't made me love him less. It was just a very bumpy road with him, but one that learned me a lot, in a good way, about the interaction between humans and animals.

Without further ado:

 The lovely things of autumn and winter!

On november the 10th it was a year ago that we had to put my dog to sleep. Above Kimbo when we just got him, and the bottom photo is one of the last days we had him.

My two beautiful boys!

Amidst all the decay of autumn slowly turning into the dead of winter, I saw these beautiful little pink flowers clinging to life.

There was a storm going on in Zutphen, and they already hung Christmas lights. A sign that winter is nearing.

I love to make this breakfast cake for my boyfriend. The recipe comes from the cookbook by supermodel Doutzen Kroes' younger sister Rens Kroes. The book is called Powerfood.

The breakfast cake is easy to make and the cake is a nutritional powerhouse because of the oat flakes and goji berries. For the recipe go to my food blog.

Beautiful red berries amidst a lot of green. I had to photograph them.

My lovely Figaro!

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  1. Touchingly lovely words about the atrocities in France, dear Lindsay. Thank you. I think, perhaps especially so for those outside of Europe, there is still a sense of disbelief that this happened. What a dark shadow and legacy of pain it cast upon this year - and far, far longer still to come.

    Many hugs from across the miles,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's horrible and so unreal. Scary, too, ofcourse, because it hits quite close to home this time. Poor France has a lot to endure this year.


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