Recap of my week #45

November 08, 2015

Hi lovely readers!

It's time for another recap round of my week - number 45. Unbelievable that it's already november. It feels like it was yesterday that I was melting in one of the hottest summers the Netherlands has ever known so far.

Let's see what I was up to!

Adding Betty Grable to our Hollywood hall wall. This autograph was signed by Betty in 1940. A real treasure. 

Percy playing a little Jehova's Witness. We don't allow the cats in the bedroom, and ofcourse this makes it all the more interesting for the cats. Especially for little Percy.

 I love, love, love roasted beetroot with duqqa (Egyptian Spice Blend) but I was also craving avocado. I decided to come up with a recipe containing these three ingredients. It became an autumn roasted beetroot salad with avocado, duqqa and a classic vinaigrette. Find the recipe on my food blog.

I'm so in love with Aleister, Dita von Teese's Devonshire Rex cat. Having a Devon rex myself one day is a big dream of me. Black cats are my favorite, so I'd love to have a black one like Aleister. It will be a she and I'd name her Arsinoë. But Devon Rex cats are incredibly expensive, so it's a no go for now.

Click on the video to play or stop the video from playing.

Sweet Percy! He's crazy about his toy mouse. These mouses feel like real ones and are incredibly popular in this cat house. For only 1 euro you make your cat very happy.

Click on the video to play or stop the video from playing.
 I só cannot wait for Dita's book! I already pre-ordered mine.

My sweet, silly Figaro

Pondering with what lipstick to go. These are not even all of my red lipsticks!

My bottle of Erotique by Dita von Teese was running out, so ofcourse I had to buy a new one. It's my favorite fragrance ever.

My lovely little model, Percy, on his favorite spot in the house: the mantelpiece.

His fuzzy paw and tail.

As a vegetarian I love to vegetarianize/veganize classic meat dishes, and pita pockets with shawarma is one of those. 

For this recipe I used vegetarian shawarma (which tastes ánd smells like real shawarma) and a lemon tahini sauce. Find the recipe on my food blog.

Passion flower! I posted this on my Instagram with the caption "Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."

Having a ball with this vegan cookbook of Food52, and I just marvel over the gorgeous food photography in it. Photo is courtesy of food52.

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  1. Holy cow at that passion flower!! I've never seen anything quite like that i think, certainly so stunning.
    Your little feline family is just so adorable and Betty's autograph is just so lovely i might die.

  2. Lovely images - your cats are the cutest! Dita's beauty book is going to sell like hotcakes! I absolutely want to get my hands on it, too! :)

    Big hugs & happy mid-November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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