Recap of my week #44

November 01, 2015

What a lovely ending of this week! Yesterday it was Samhain, and today starts Noirvember. Noirvember is held from november 1st till the 30th of the month. When you participate in Noirvember, it means that you watch film noirs (most who participate watch a film noir every day during the month) and read some hard-boiled fiction. You can talk with others and share movie ideas with eachother through social media using the hashtag #noirvember. Later this week I'll post a list of what I think are must-watch's during Noirvember.

The weather at the moment really adds to the feeling of film noir perfectly. The Netherlands is shrouded in mist, and looking outside, all I see is a faint glow of the lamppost. The only thing missing is the black silhouette of a man wearing a fedora, lurking at my home suspiciously.

Anyway, the beginning of my week wasn't as lovely as its ending; it was buzy and stressful. I thought I was going crazy, but I managed to stay sane, though I didn't make many Instagram photos. Not wanting to combine two recaps again, I decided to go ahead and post the few photos anyway.

Lots of cat photos though! I mean, it was national catday this week and, well, cat photos never bore, do they!?

My princely Percy! Finally his wild temperament is settling a bit, even though he's in the midst of his puberty and very bravely (and playfully) attacks all of us whilst walking sideways like a crab. But he also found out that he reaaally loves cuddling. Now all he wants to do is lie in your arms like a baby when you're behind the laptop and have his belly petted. I happily oblige; because of his fur he's extremely soft and fluffy. I can't stop giving him kisses!

When I was at my mothers house for sleepover to catch up with my family, I was so happy to see all the animals that I had to leave behind when moving out, and whom I só miss. This little fella is Teddy, and he's a stray cat that came to our door years ago, when I was still living in my parental house, when he was a little kitten. We notified the animal ambulance and they placed him on their website, but nobody ever called for him. We fell in love with him from the get go, so we decided to keep him.

As most of us know, a kitten needs a lot of play. Really a lot. The adviced hours to play with a kitten is 2 to 3 hours a day, everyday, though Percy exceeds that number abundantly. He needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Norwegian forest cats are very intelligent and playful and although I do play with him 3 hours a day (sometimes Ben takes that shift) I can't always be around to do so, but want to give him enough stimulation anyway. If we don't, he tears down the whole house.

I bought a MixMax catpuzzle to stimulate his intelligence, but, as a cat befits, he's way more interested in the package the puzzle came in.

A few days before Samhain started, I posted this mocktail recipe. You can find it on my food blog.

I did a quick sketch of a baby deer snout. Not finished yet and needs to be fine tuned and smudged a bit (like the eye for example). The deer also needs a large part of his fur yet, but I hate drawing fur. A special kind of hell to me.

I posted a throwback friday picture. Me as a pin up witch in 2011.

My boys wished everyone a happy National cat day.

I made a little shriek when I saw this lipstick. A collaboration between Dita and MAC. I can't find anything about it, frustratingly, so I guess I have to wait until more information will be released.

Cold weather is killing for my sensitive skin, so when all of my days are warmed up by the heater burning, I always adjust my skincare products to the weather, as to avoid a dry and itchy skin.

I love these French products: Avène Antirougeurs for redness relief, Avène Thermal Spring water to avoid irritation, and La Roche-Posay cold cream for optimal moisturization.

I dressed up as Theda Bara in the lost silent movie Cleopatra from 1917.  More about that in *this* post.

For Samhain I made these black/purple potato chips from the Vitelotte Noir. Delicious. The recipe can be found *here*.

One of the best things to do in the field of cooking, I think, is making your own spice blends. I know you can buy these ready to the last gaiter button in the supermarket, but doing it yourself with fresh spices is something very satisfying. And it's not much work - at all!!

In this mortar you see an Arabic spice blend called Baharat. The fragrance is amazing. Later I had to add smoked paprika powder and cinnamon to these seeds.

Left the spice blend Baharat and on the right Duqqa. 

Have a marvelous november!

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  1. Oh die aardappelchips! Toen ik snel keek leken het net edelstenen :). En prachtige foto's ook van jouw katten! Hoe vond Percy zijn speeltje? Lou lou (ook de kat van mijn ouders) vindt het érg leuk om met veertjes te spelen. Helemaal als zij zelf onder een oude theedoek zit of in een doos, dan wordt ze helemaal fanatiek, zo leuk!

    1. Hmm, hij doet niet heel erg veel met de puzzle en Figaro heeft de snoepjes (die er in moeten) er eigenlijk steeds al uit op een manier zoals het niet hoort. Maar het houdt ze bezig in iedergeval!

  2. You are such a fantastic, devoted pet parent - many others the world over could take a serious lesson from you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much. This means the world to me!


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