Wednesday's Wardrobe Wishlist | Anoushka Princess Coat

October 21, 2015

Even though I am still darting the streets in my Dietrich trenchcoat by Collectif Clothing -perfect for spring and autumn- I am already starting to look for a warmer coat to get me through winter as the days are getting really cold now.

I am a girl with a lót of coats, but usually I wear my trusty 1930s wintercoat. However, I want to wear it a little less this winter, to make sure the coat will remain in pristine condition. It's actually a miracle that it still looks this good, considering the fact that I wear it all the time during the winter. But, as we know, clothing back then was made to last. And last it did.

Collectif clothing is known for their gorgeous coats, and I gasped when I saw this beautiful Anoushka Princess coat. How chic! The cape is detachable, which makes the coat perfect for different occasions. The fur is faux ... always a good thing. The cape has a built-in hood, and that makes this coat lovely for when the wind is strong, hurting your cold ears. Or, if you want to protect your vintage hairdo, ofcourse, which always has the tendency to droop during the colder seasons.

© Collectif Clothing

Have you thought about your winter coat yet?

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  1. Such a pretty coat, will suit you really well I think!
    In the beginning of March I bought a(nother) 30's/40's coat that I haven't yet been able to wear a lot because winter was just about over when I got it and it is very heavy and warm. So it still feels like my new winter coat for this season. It is actually not unlike the Anouschka coat, but instead of a capelet it has a very wide collar with fur and some fur at the hem (real black fox in my case, but I'm ok with that because it's vintage, new fur would not do ofcourse). Wouldn't it be great it this winter were to bring us a lot of snow, the perfect backdrop for magnificent coats like this!

    1. Your described coat sounds really a lot like mine, although mine has astrakhan fur. I agree with you what you say about fur. I think about it the same way! I am really curious what your coat looks like!

  2. I love my vintage coat (don't know exactly from which era it comes though), but still after many alterations and some repair I noticed that the lining of the pockets is falling apart again. Luckily the coat has a different lining than it's pockets, but lining pockets it's not very easy with a finished coat. I did repair a previous slash already, but the material seems to be very fragile.
    I think I have to be more careful choosing when to wear that coat, and when to give it a rest :) But the I would also need a new winter coat. I think the one above looks adorable and I know they come in different colours. I was always a fan of green, but I also like this black version...

    1. Green is my favorite color, too. I hope you find a gorgeous new coat soon!

  3. That really is the perfect vintage inspired winter coat. I've swooned (hard!) over it for quite a while now, too. I could see this looking so fantastic on you and hope you're able to add one to your closet, dear gal.

    Big hugs & happy tail end of October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. And it would look so fab on you aswell, especially in the combination with your beautiful hair color!

  4. Lindsay,
    I can see why you chose to put this item on your "wishlist". It's one of those amazing items that are lady-like and wonderful.



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