The Forest in Rheden

October 26, 2015

Last weekend I went to have a sleepover at my mothers house; the house I have lived in for 23 years. Because I live in a different city than most of my family, I love to have those little sleepovers to catch up with my family other than by phone or Facebook, plus ... also to cuddle all the animals I had to leave behind. When I am there, we prepare lovely dinners, or just order pizza, watch movies, have long walks with the dog and talk nineteen to the dozen. I love those little moments with my family. And I treasure them immensely.

Last weekend my uncle Frank, whom I had not seen for ages, was also there and together with him, my mother and sister + the dog we went to have a long forest walk in a beautiful place called Rheden; I made a few mood pictures. It was a trúly beautiful and sunny day. You can even say it was warm.

It was extremely crowded with other people, but we found a way nobody walked. The pine trees smelled so delicious and there was a sweet fragrance hanging in the air. I inhaled deeply and became calm, leaving the stress of this aweful year, 2015, behind for a little while.

After having received such lovely comments on my Quiet Autumn Walk post, I decided that nature photography is something you'll see more on my blog in the future. Nature lover that I am, I find much satisfaction in capturing this beautiful world, which relieves me from so much stress.

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  1. these are so so stunning! the area shots mixed in with the close ups create a beautiful contrast, and image that's just so large. you have a gift.

    1. Thank you so much, you have no idea how big a compliment that is to me <3

  2. How wonderfully fun! My mom and I like to have the occasional sleepover as well. S'mores (if it's fall through to early spring), movies, board games and oodles of conversation always ensue and make for such a delightful evening.

    Wishing you a fabulous last week of October, sweet lady.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Your sleepovers with your mom sounds wonderful <3


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