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October 29, 2015

Note: This post contains products that have been sent to me for reviewing. Opinions below are entirely my own.

Red lipstick is my absolute beauty essential and I am not exaggerating if I say that I never leave my house without a bold red lip. I am always on the hunt for thé perfect red lipstick, and I really enjoy experimenting with all the different colors of red and brands.

When Tia, owner of the relatively new cosmetic brand Eliza Cosmetics contacted me with the question if I were willing to review a couple of her lipsticks, I happily said yes. Especially when she told me her cosmetics are vintage inspired ánd are made with healthy ingredients. Something I find very important.

The mission of Eliza Cosmetics is "to make products for women to enhance their natural beauty, without sacrificing their health." When Tia started researching the ingredients used in lipstick, she was appalled at the amount ingredients that were derived of petrochemicals (chemicals made from petroleum or natural gas), of which many cause cancer.

Tia started to experiment with natural products, although none of them had a great red. Some people told her to simply stop wearing red lipstick, but she knew there had to be a way around it. And there was: she found a pigment supplier online and started to experiment. Her brand was born.

Eliza Cosmetics also believes that there's a red for everyone, which is why the brand has so many lipsticks in different shades of red.

Old movie lover that I am, I really like the fact that the lipsticks are named after significant old Hollywood actresses. I decided to try out the Hedy lipstick (named after Hedy Lamarr) and the Theda lipstick (named after Theda Bara).

"The Hedy" 
Ingredients: Avocado oil, beeswax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carmine, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, essential oils (lemon, orange), allantoin, radish root ferment filtrate.

The Hedy is a beautiful matte color of red that I have searched for for so long, but which I have never been able to find in other brands. When Tia asked me to choose from a couple of reds to try out, I was immediately drawn to the Hedy lipstick.

I love the substance of the Hedy; it is a solid and yet creamy
substance. The lipstick has a delicate and subtle citrus smell, which I absolutely love. The Hedy covers the lips good, and you hardly feel that you're wearing lipstick. A win for me. 

 Because of the ingredients, the Hedy makes my lips feel soft and well nourished while wearing it but also after wearing it. The lipstick is easily washed off your lips when removing makeup. 

I had to give the lipstick only one or two touch ups throughout the day.

This lipstick is definitely thé color for me to wear this autumn and winter, but can easily be worn in spring and summer, aswell. It's a beautiful color and I am quite enthusiastic about it.

"The Theda" 
Ingredients: avocado oil, beeswax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carmine, iron oxides, kaolin clay, essential oils (lemon, orange) allantoin, radish root ferment filtrate.

Now that Halloween is around the corner and I plan to dress up as silent movie star Theda Bara, this lipstick comes in handy. The color immediately throws you back to the 1920s known for its dark and heavy makeup colors.

The Theda is a beautiful, very dark red (almost aubergine) color and wears light on the lips; I hardly feel that I wear any lipstick - a big plus for me. Like the Hedy lipstick, the Theda has a delicate and subtle citrus smell. Because of the ingredients, my lips feel soft and well nourished while wearing the lipstick, but also afterwards. The lipstick is easily washed off when removing makeup, which is great, as some lipsticks leave you looking like the Joker.

A well-known problem many people face with dark lipstick, is that it's hard to apply and hard to cover your lips evenly, but the Theda covers the lips beautifully and is also easy to apply.

I had to give the Theda lipstick slightly more touch ups throughout the day than the Hedy Lipstick, but not annoyingly much.
The Hedy was sent to me in a full-sized package, which is about 4g of lipstick, and are called 'Glamour Lipsticks'. The Theda was sent to me in a slimline package, which is about 2g of lipstick.

The Hair pomade - Sensual Sandalwood
Ingredients: Lanolin, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, essential oils.
On all of the photos above I also wear the hair pomade Eliza Cosmetics sent me to try out. Let me tell you: I wish you could smell it, cause it smells delicious. I could choose between a couple of fragrances and I chose sandalwood with clove. I catched myself sniffing at the tin whenever it's within reach.

The hair pomade is very easy to use: rub a little between your fingers and run it through your hair. I used it for my vintage hairdo's, and I am totally taken with this product. It fixes my curls perfectly and gives a beautiful, but not too much, of a shine.

What I also find important when using any form of hair fixation that you have to use with your hands, is that it's easy to wash off without the hands feeling sticky afterwards. The hairpomade of Eliza Cosmetics is very easily washed off, and the hair is also easily brushed through. Big plus!

I really have to give my compliments to Eliza Cosmetics, a beginning cosmetics brand of which the owner is totally self taught, but knows what she's doing and cares about our health, too. The variety in different colors of lipsticks you can choose from is giving you the feeling of a kid in a candy store. I have to agree with Tia: there is a red for everyone!

Note: those with a carmine allergy: no worries, as Eliza Cosmetics also makes carmine-free lipsticks.

Eliza Cosmetics was so kind to give my readers a coupon, so quickly hop over to the website Eliza Cosmetics and use coupon code 'FAVORITE10' for a 10% off, and get your own beautiful vintage inspired lipstick!

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  1. They look and sound marvelous. I really respect that they even offer carmine free versions. Thank you for the terrific review, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Miss Lane,
    I'd just like you to know that I appreciate your blog posts so much! They consistently brighten my day.
    I can't wait to try Eliza Cosmetics!
    Most Sincerely,
    Sacramento, California

    1. Thank you só much, that compliment brightens my day to no extend!
      I hope you can try out Eliza Cosmetics soon, it will not dissapoint you!

  3. Gorgeous... the Theda colour is amazing! Looks lovely on you. x

  4. You look WONDERFUL! Love the products! XOXO

  5. Absolutely lovely! Thank you again for doing this review! It means a lot to me! ❤


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