Recap of my week | week 40 and 41

October 11, 2015

Last week there was no recap post as, again, I fell ill with a heavy cold of which I have not yet recovered. Yes, I know, I am ill a lot! But anyway, I didn't make a lot of Instagram photos and I decided to combine the two weeks. Despite still being ill, I have been doing a lot this week and I have a lot of nice things to share with you.

Let's have a look.

Percy really, really wanted a sip of my ginger tea. Was not going to happen. So he kept staring at it.

Percy is growing into a majestic cat!

Italian herbed potatoes I made for dinner.

Binge watching New Girl whilst laying ill in bed.

I cut bangs!

Percy is nuts about the laundry machine and sits in front of it whenever it spins.

Sign that autumn is truly here!

Last week I had to visit my therapist in Apeldoorn and afterwards I decided to have a walk in the forest that's behind the building. 

Pretty words by Christopher Poindexter.

I made a delicious roasted walnut pesto for the pasta.

Click to play and unplay

It has started again and I love it!
My view everyday! The sun was shining so lovely in the late afternoon. Isn't this architecture amazing?

I enjoyed lavender tea! Such a romantic and delicate taste. 

We made a walk with Ella at the river Ijssel.

... and she enjoyed it so much.

These pretty pink roses were an amazing contrast to the autumn colors.

I love to photograph nature. And some things just look better in black and white.

I have no idea what this is, but it sure was pretty!

Elegant horses in a show.

How was your week?

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  1. Poor dear! Sending countless feel better wishes your way!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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