Channeling my inner Theda Bara in Cleopatra

October 31, 2015

Happy Samhain people!

I must admit that I didn't really plan my Theda Bara outfit very well due to a buzy week full of stress and I couldn't really add more stress on top of it, otherwise I'd go crazy. But it's also actually really who I am, stress or not, I am always planning things way too late. 

I don't think my appearance will remind people on the street immediately of Theda Bara in the lost silent film Cleopatra from 1917, but hopefully I managed to grasp the old movie & Egyptian vibe kind of thing. If you know what I mean!

Theda Bara as Cleopatra in 1917

My Halloween starts relaxed: I am home alone, as Ben has to work during the day, but in the evening him and I are going to have a proper Samhain celebration. I made black/purple chips (from Vitelotte noir potatoes) and Sinister Cider Mocktails. You can find the recipe for the Mocktails *here*. And the purple chips *here*.

How did you celebrate Halloween?

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  1. Beautiful Lindsay-Cleopatra! Job well done! Happy Halloween my dear!

  2. Beautiful, I have always loved Theda Bara. It's funny - I never dress up for Halloween and yet if I went out in one of my normal outfits people would probably assume I was dressed for Halloween lol.
    I got into the spirit by watching the scariest film I could find that I hadn't yet seen - The Others. Terrifying!

    1. Ohhh I LOVE that movie!!
      And thanks for your kind words!

  3. Smashingly lovely costume. You've really done a great job of capturing Theda's alluringly powerful mystique here.

    Joyful start of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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