A quiet autumn walk

October 23, 2015

One of the things I love the most about autumn, are the long walks I have with my partner in our beautiful hometown, strolling between withered and fallen leaves, and when coming home have a large cup of cocoa.

When we go for a walk I always bring my camera with me (actually almost always wherever I go) to photograph the world in its different seasons and colors. Perhaps not the most pleasant walks for Ben, who's the one who loves to have a brisk walk, and then there's me: falling behind all the time because I see so much to photograph.

Although autumn is in full bloom, and the days are certainly growing colder, there's still a trail of summer left.

O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
The crows above the forest call;
Tomorrow they may form and go.
O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
—Robert Frost (1915)

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  1. Linsay,
    Your photography is becoming truly amazing.

  2. Oh my, these hold such a quiet peace. Yet at the same time, the amazing excitement of fall.
    Also wondering, just out of curiosity, what camera you're usin pg these days?

    1. Thank you so much <3
      I use the Canon 1100D, and the lens for these photos was the 50mm lens.

  3. I love your photos, you truly captivated the moments of autumn!

  4. My sweet Lindsay, how beautiful your photographs are. They look so professional. You can capture the beauty of nature so well, a truly visual poem <3 ;-) xx

    1. Thank you so much, I am blushing! It's a huge compliment!

  5. Serene, timelessly beautiful woodland images. There is such a calm sort of magic to this elegant time of the year, as the seasons shift from summer to fall to winter in a matter of weeks.

    Wishing you a marvelous last week of October,
    ♥ Jessica


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