So, how's Percy doing?

September 21, 2015

Many of you who are following me on Instagram are well aware of how Percy, our long haired little forest cat, is doing. I keep posting pictures of my two cats, as it's those two who absolutely fill my heart and days with joy. I remember bringing Percy home with me and I kept taking pictures of that little furball sleeping, playing, eating, drinking, pooping, and almost everything I snapped, ended up on my Instagram account. Just like fresh mothers do with their babies. Many people asked for more, more, more pictures ... and I happily obliged. Cause let's be honest: cats make us happy.

Percy is now a kitten of five months old. But he doesn't look the part. Yes, he's still small -even smaller than he appears on photos- but he's bigger than most kittens of that age, and it's not only because of his fur. He has gigantic paws and a big snout; mainly because he's the second of the largest catbreeds in the world -the Norwegian Forest cat- though he has lots of qualities of the European shorthair aswell. 

It's a pleasure to sift through the character traits of you cat. For instance: the Norwegian forest cat is the ónly cat to climb down (a tree for instance) with their heads first ... and that's exactly what Percy does aswell. He's very talkative but not a lapcat, even though he's very social and likes to be near you. He loves to watch you, intensly, when you are sitting on the toilet, or walk on the keyboard of our laptops to get some attention.

When we went to the veterinarian with Percy for his vaccins (very important!), they told us he was going to be a BIG guy. She told us that most cats need to weigh around 4 kilograms, but that Percy would reach the 6 with ease and not be overweight. He has an appetite for two, I can tell you.

Percy's a very, very naughty kitten, and is actually the first(!) cat of the many cats I have and had, who climbs in the curtains and sharpens his nails on our furniture. We have several scratching posts and boards, but to no avail. We decided, since we want our house as catified as it can be, to find us a large tree like branch that can serve as a climbing and scratching post for both cats. Click here to see what I mean. Although sometimes it drives me a little crazy, I am aware that he's still a baby and needs to release his energy and wants to play a lot. When Percy does something naughty, and I tell him not to, he always looks up at me and releases a really soft meow. I melt!

I can't stay angry for long (not even for a second actually) as I love him so much, and even Figaro, my other cat, cannot go without this little one anymore; he's constantly washing Percy's pretty coat! When I see the affection between the both of them, I always get a bit emotional.

Percy loves to boop Figaro out of a catbed and then sleep in it himself - and you should see the look on his face if he managed it yet again. Percy is also clever: since a few months we decided not to let the cats in our bedroom, but, intelligent as Percy is, he knows how to jump on the doorhandle to open the door and it happens many times during the night that we wake up to a kitten walking on our faces and Figaro snoring at the foot of the bed.

Percy goes nuts for lemons and does everything he can to have a sip of my warm water with lemon drink that I have each morning. He also tries to open the garbage bin and scoop out the drained lemon skins. He loves to gnaw at my aloë veras aswell, steal cotton buds and climb our palm tree, with the result that said tree falls down. Tell me I am not the only one with such a quirky cat?! Though, don't get me wrong: ofcourse I love it. He keeps me sharp and laughing! He's a little clown and I hope he will never loose that quality; together with Figaro he makes a good pair.

It's not easy trying to photograph a quick and playful kitten, you know!

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  1. Very lovely post! I think it's wonderful to document out pets and their behavior/quirks/most enduring qualities/etc like this at different stages in their life. I didn't have my blog yet when we got our cat, Stella, so I wasn't able to in the moment (though I have posted about her in the years since), but was able to with our dog Annie and will always enjoy having the record of who she was during her earliest months.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Same here, I got Figaro a year before I started this blog. Your animals are so lovely and beautiful!


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