Recap of my week | week 38

September 20, 2015

Hi dear readers! Time for another round of Recap of my week. I hope you all had an amazing week, like I had. I went out with a bunch of my gorgeous lady friends, cooked delicious dinners, and hiked in a rough storm all by myself - it was fantastic!

I also had a few moments of relaxation; I snuggled on the couch with some food magazines and a cup of tea and penned the most delicious recipes in my little recipe notebook (I absolutely love making those) for autumn season. And, talking about food, I also did some work on my food blog Dash of Nostalgia. I'd be ever so grateful if you would visit me there ... and perhaps follow?

Autumn is truly setting in in my country, the Netherlands, and it's so beautiful seeing the world transforming into this gorgeous autumn color palette. I already look forward having many walks in the chilly autumn air and upon returning home, snuggle on the couch and watch a good movie whilst sipping hot cocoa (with more whipped cream than cocoa) or tea.

Let's have a look!

I was getting myself ready for an evening out with my lady friends. Lately I am wearing my hair more and more in a boho style, with little braids and such. I noticed that my hair is really on the right path again, it's getting thicker and healthier again. I am so happy.

Come autumn, come arachnids. You know, I am not afraid of many animals ... but spiders, oh don't get me started. I get goosebumps by thinking of them. 

In our cute little courtyard we have lots of ivy (and nesting birds, it's so cute) but with it comes a lot of spiders that really want to enter your house when the days are growing colder. This chart .... I'm going to need it. The other day I was reading on Facebook about someone who dryly said she was lashed at by a Huntsman spider. I mean, a HUNTSMAN SPIDER. If I had an encounter with one of those, I'd pack my bags and move to the North Pole. 

I am a huge scaridy cat if it comes to spiders and I am probably a big whiner, since we don't have huntsman spiders in the Netherlands, and the only ones we have are non dangerous ones, with the biggest of them all being the Great raft spider. *shudder*.

A lovely evening out with my five lovely friends. One of them is moving for good to Indonesia to be with the love of her life. I admire her so much for that. It takes courage, you know. Ilse, I want to wish you áll the best and luck in the world in Indonesia.

Sadly, one of the girls of our group could not be there due to work. Have you any idea how hard it is to pick a date -on which we can all be present- with 7 entirely different agenda's? Man!

Anyway, starting in the front clockwise: Ilse, Wilma, Me, Paola, Rianne and Henny. It was a marvelous evening in one of my favorite pubs, The Finnegans, in my old hometown Apeldoorn.

I took a walk along the river Ijssel again. My standard route for a daily walk. I passed this cute and curious cow. Awww.

I still wanted to have my daily walk alongside the river despite a heavy storm coming. It was amazing, it cleared my head and I felt one with nature. On the photo you can see the skyline of Zutphen and a storm hovering.

You don't see it very well, but the trees were swaying like crazy because of the harsh wind. I am quite petite, more so now that I lost quite a bit of weight, and I had a hard time moving forward in that heavy storm. But it was awesome.

And I love it!

I was waiting impatiently for this movie and as soon as it was up for download in a reasonable quality I watched it. It was really nice.

Throwback thursday to 2012! When I was invited for a popular television program to tell something about my nostalgic lifestyle (which is not so much nostalgic these days) and I invited my friends Jip and Mark to join me. On the photo we are in Mark's amazing house and behind us is Dutch television presenter Filemon Wesselink.

When I saw this little heart I really wanted to photograph it. What I didn't knew, was that I was sitting on my knees in the stray field of the cemetary. I came to know about it when I saw a sign further down the road. So, who knows who's ashes I took home with me on my clothes, eh.

A soothing evening walk in Zutphen. You can see a bit of city wall here. How wonderful! 

Litting candles and aroma burners throughout the entire house. Ah, I love it so much.

I love to have some relaxation by penning down delicious recipes whilst drinking a cup of tea.
Yes, I am so proud of myself: I still quit coffee by going cold turkey. I went from 4 cups (or more) a day... to zero. Finally I can feel the withdrawal effects fade away and the green tea is getting me through the day. 

One of the reasons I quit coffee, is because I have been diagnosed with an estrogen dominance. It can become very life threathening, so I had to make some healthy life decisions to make sure I got rid of this hormonal disbalance. I want to write a bit about it in my blog very soon, as I think more women need to be aware of this. One of the things that can give you an estrogen dominance, is eating a lot of chicken. Chicken these days are injected with hormones and we, people, are eating that. I am a vegetarian, but before that I ate a lot of chicken. However, there's more, so I advice every woman (and men can get it, too, and children) to read up on it and see if you have some, or all, of the symptoms. Click on this link.

My favorite comfort food I wrote about on my food blog, Dash of Nostalgia. It's easy to make and so delicious. The recipe is pipe rigate with a creamy mushroom sauce and you can click *here* for my recipe.

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  1. That spider chart is dead on. I've always been arachnophobic, but have gotten better with spiders as I've grown older - smallish ones at least. Anything big, "fury", or recognizably poisonous and I'll be making a beeline so far, my shoes will stay in place cartoon character style. ;D

    Big hugs & happy (nearly) start of autumn wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Even the small ones make me squee. I am such a scaridy cat!

  2. Your hair and your friends and all Your photos really are just lovely. So glad these are all working out for you ❤️


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