Recap of my week | week 36

September 06, 2015

Hi dear reader, how was your week? We are already in week 36 and I cannot get over the fact how hard time flies. In my post about autumn this week I told you I was totally ready for this season. Yet, still, at times, I noticed that it might not be entirely so and that I still long for the sun.

With cold weather approaching illnesses lurk on every corner and sadly I fell ill with a heavy cold. I've never been someone that stayed in bed when ill and I also didn't this time, yet I had a very quiet week. I've been binge watching the serie Vikings and drinking tea galore; sometimes tea made with homegrown herbs that are said to be healthy and useful when one is ill. I just love making my own teas.

A quote I wholeheartedly believe in! 

Little Percy waiting for the right time to boop Figaro out of the catbed so that he can sleep in it.

Bad quality, but it illustrated exactly my situation at the moment my sharing it.
Saying hello to september! On the first of this month I held a big autumn cleaning and smudging session. I tell you all about it in this post, where I also shared the checklist I used for the cleaning. I always love having a big cleaning to prepare the house for the new season. It's feels as a new beginning.

As mentioned above, I fell ill with a bad cold and usually when I do, I always drink elderberry nectar. It is known for its immense power to remedy a cold and flu. Elderberry nectar has put a halt to heavy flu pandemic in Panama in 1995, and I always notice when I consumed it I feel much better. 

You have to warm it up, so it's delicious on cold evenings. It tastes a bit like Glühwein - which is not a bad thing. Read more about the benefits of Elderberries.

The little viking is growing so hard. Unbelievable that he's only just a kitten of a mere 5 months old. Look at that beautiful mane! He's majestic and so fluffy.

My dearest, dearest Figaro. He and I have been through só much together. 

What can I add to that?

I love basil in the kitchen. The smell throws me right to the Mediterranean. I repotted it to a much bigger pot  (the one pictured above) and I love having herbs in the kitchen for cooking or ailments.

We went out for dinner with Roel and Leontine. I had a delicious vegetarian pancake with honey, goat's cheese and walnuts.

My current read. I had read it before in Dutch, but I am reading it in English at the moment.

I love tea and want to drink it more. However, I dislike supermarket tea (especially the bigger brands) with a passion. They are unhealthy and can hardly be named 'tea'. It's almost nothing more than a bag of sugar and fake taste. 

I like my teas pure of taste and whole of leaf, so the tea has its health benefits intact aswell. On the photo above I was enjoying nettle tea. Comes with a ton of health benefits. Read all about it.

I am binge watching the serie Vikings, and I absolutely love the shieldmaiden Lagertha. So much hair envy, too!

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  1. I know what you mean. I love, and I really do mean wildly, passionately love, autumn, but I'm not 100% ready to part ways with summer yet either. Little choice in matter, ultimately, especially since it's rolling into town unusually early here this year, but still...while it's possible, I will hope for a brief return of warm days now that Tony is home once again (it would be fun to enjoy a couple now to make up for the ones we missed delighting in together in person this year).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I heard we will have a warm aftersummer, so I am totally focussing on that and hopefully I can make some plans to enjoy the sun more and prepare myself for autumn.


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