Recap of my week #39

September 27, 2015

Hi all! I hope you all had an amazing start of the autumn season -which started at the 23rd of this week. I myself had a lovely week: I celebrated the autumn equinox , and you can read about it in this post. I also went together with my father to the Annual Dutch Art Fair where he was exhibiting and selling his stillife paintings together with soooo many other artists. It was amazing to see so much creativity and diverse artwork.

This week I also changed my summer wardrobe for a wardrobe more fitting for autumn, and I was actually quite enthusiastic to be able to wear clothing suitable for colder weather again.

All in all I had a nice and buzy week, stressful at times and I didn't took many Instagram photos, but let's have a look at what my week 39 looked like.

Our bookcase is one of our show pieces in the living room, and I love decorating it. I love decorating with shells also, to bring nature into our home. I placed this beautiful shell on top of a few of my favorite books. 

Percy with the fuzzy ears.

And Figaro with his gentlemanly snout.

I love it!

I tried out a recipe for the -then- upcoming autumn equinox. The pumpkin, grapes and sage are ready for the oven.

Eversince I succesfully quit alcohol back in 2013, I am trying to find great subsitutes and I have to say: I LOVE this elderflower drink and I love that it resembles wine because of the bubbling.

Morning fruit essentials!

I still succesfully quit coffee and am not at all craving for it anymore. I am totally into tea these days and when I brought a visit to the organic supermarket near us, I came home with sage tea and purificational herbs. So delicious to have a cup when you're about to retire to bed.

I have to say: I am a vegetarian but I don't like all of the meat substitutes, ofcourse, but the Vegetarian Butcher is making a helluva job of it, because these fake smoked bacon strips are almost as good as the real thing. You would not know that it's not meat. 

I love their products because of the effort they put into it, but also their originality. For the dutchies: their products are available at Albert Heijn supermarket.

Bringing nature into the home with these birch tealight holders. Percy is way too curious.

I have a bit of a cookbook obsession and this one is my new purchase that I gifted myself after a tough day. Rens Kroes is top model Doutzen Kroes' younger sister and works as a food specialist and food blogger. I absolutely love her recipes.

Yummy! Kale chips! With a cheesy sauce of cashew and purple corn. So delicious.

Yummy breakfast of coconut yogurt with fresh blueberries and a slice of my selfmade pumpkin bread.

It's time to store away the summer shoes and replace them with warmer ones. These cute shoes are by Anna Field. Ofcourse I also bought them in black.

On saturday I went to the Annual Dutch Art Fair to assist my father who was exhibiting and selling his artwork there. 

When I see a plane I always wonder where it's going to!

I made this delicious almond-pumpkin bread and it's darn delicious! Find the recipe at my food blog Dash of Nostalgia.

Have a great week all!!

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  1. you seem to live and capture things in such a beautiful way. or maybe, we all life, but only some can truly capture and display the beauty we sometimes miss. hope your autumn season continues to be wonderful :)

    1. Thank you so much. Such words coming from you are always an immense compliment to me!

  2. Evocative, beautiful images. You have such a way with presenting your world. It's warm, inviting and always bursting with loveliness.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much, I really try my best to show the loveliness of life and so, it's a huge compliment to me!

  3. wow ,that almond pumpkin bread looks delicious!Love your captures , you are a such talented photographer!

    1. Thank you so much, you have no idea how huge that compliment is to me!


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