Decorating with raw natural elements

September 03, 2015

Hello dear readers! Today I'd like to talk home decor with you!

I love antiquities, but unlike what many people think, our house does not resemble the houses of my favorite era's the 1930s and 1940s. It did for a while, but I could not find peace with it, have it feel like a real home. Things were missing. There was an emptiness.

To me, it's important to feel at home in the place where I live. I want to feel safe, I want to feel safe there whenever the world outside becomes a bit too much for me. I want it to be a place where I can hide, shut out the world if I want to. So I set myself on the quest to find out whát was missing in our house.

Slowly I started to collect antique travelling souvenirs (very hard to get authentic ones, so I treasure them immensely) brought home by, e.g, British India pioneers many moons ago - and which are beautifully displayed in our bookcase, sitting on the shelves next to old, very old, books with poetry in them (and ofcourse dried flowers) or antique naturalist books and vases. But what I also noticed is, I missed nature. Yes we have a gorgeous indoor palm plant in our house, plants in the bathroom and many fresh potted herbs in the kitchen for me to use whenever I cook, but it didn't do it just yet for me.

I don't want my house to resemble a bland showroom kind of home like many people have, and which gives off an empty vibe. No, I want personal items in the home, items with a meaning, be surrounded by items from a completely different country other than my own and surrounded by things of what I think is truly beautiful. Everywhere you look, in our house, there's something from all over the world with a story to tell: aroma lamps of soapstone made in India by hand, Nepalese vases on the mantelpiece, an ancient roman oil lamp which is an artefact, antique wooden Anubis grave statue, Marrakech lanterns ... I love it. Our house is very light and bright due to our many large windows, yet has a warm ambience. Our house is a house unlike others because of the unique items and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yet, there was something missing and I wanted to know what.

I fell ill yesterday, with a cold and clogged ears and all that, and I thought it would be the perfect time to take my laptop with me in bed, sip a sage tea and find out what I really liked for our home and suddenly the idea sprung to me like the Blessed Virgin Mary to Bernadette Soubirous! I thought why not bring raw nature elements into the home?!

I always say: nature is my temple and nature is what I worship. I love to be out in nature; have long forest walks, sit alongside the river, watch the sunrise and sunset or the stars whilst sipping a glass of (for me N/A) Chardonnay and enjoy the beauty all around. Nature is magic and luckily Ben is just as much a lover of all things nature as I am and it would be just perfect to bring that what we love so much into our pied-a-terre.

On Pinterest I found beautiful home decor pictures and ideas on how to decorate your home with natural elements and I want to share a few of them with you. The good thing is, it's all só DIY-friendly.

Driftwood lamp

Raw, natural branches in a bookcase - I can totally envision these branches in our bookcase.

Tree trunk side table

Driftwood lamp

Driftwood candleholders. Perfect for a dead corner in the house

More driftwood lamps

Shell and stone collection display

Branches as wall art

Antler lamp. I love the shell aswell! Must find me one.
(I would only use shed antlers, by the way)

Driftwood guardrail

Birch tree candleholders

Driftwood candleholder, which would be a marvelous piece on a dresser

Such a gorgeous table

Driftwood ceiling lamp

Driftwood buffet lamp

Driftwood fruit bowl

Found wood vases. I can totally see these adorn our black mantelpiece

Driftwood orb - gorgeous on a dresser

Driftwood ceilinglamp. Perfect for a hallway

Candle logs

Birch branches as wall art

What do you think of bringing nature into the house in this way?
For more inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest Natural Element Home Decor board.


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  1. Great post! I dream of home decorating someday! I definitely know what you mean about a house being nicely decorated but not homey enough, and feeling safe and "at home" in your--well, home is so important! My grandparents house is one of my favorite houses to be in because they have pieces and art from all over the world (they used to have a sail boat and traveled a ton). They will have some vintage carved Chinese table that looks rather ancient but a very modern and colorful painting hanging above, and vintage life magazines and whatever books they have been reading are spread over the table. They definitely have drift wood and large seashells around as well, seeing as they sailed and picked them up themselves from the beaches in Mexico or the West Coast of the US. Natural elements are definitely good additions!

    1. The house of your grandparents sounds só amazing! My grandmother's house is also a special one, with wooden masks from all over the world hanging on her wall and a lot of British colonial furniture. I love it there!

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    I know what you mean. I love to have lots of plants in the house, but also eastern religious statues, driftwood, shells etc. That makes a house indeed a real home.
    Thanks for the beautiful pics!

    1. So true, and your house sounds very lovely, Inez! One that has a soul and which is not an empty place like most of the homes these days.

  3. Absolutely beautiful post and decor inspirations. Like yourself, where there is certainly vintage (and antique) items sprinkled around our little house, it is not a "time warp home" in the slightest. My tastes are too eclectic and my husband's decor style too different for a strictly vintage abode - at least in such a small space. Truth be told, my dream home would be a two or three story Victorian house with oodles of Victorian, vintage, goth, boho, natural (like those here), and world traveler pieces filling each room. Swoon!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, yes, yes! That sounds exactly how I would love it aswell.


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