Autumn is nigh (+autumn cleaning list)

September 01, 2015

Come september, come autumn. In the Netherlands we are truly feeling autumn knocking on our door. The country is ravaged by heavy thunder and rainfall - and even flooding in some parts.

Finally, yes, I am ready to say goodbye to summer and I am totally ready for autumn. I enjoy the fact the house looks dark inside, rain ticking against the windows,  and I can lit candles and incence in the midst of day and feel all cozy -while most people still long for summer- and I also love falling asleep whilst listening to the thunder.

As always on the first of september, I start the big autumn cleaning to get the house autumn-ready. Autumn marks a new beginning, a new season, and the first of every new month, to me, also marks a new beginning, so I think it always nice to start the big cleanings (spring and autumn) on the first of the month.

Not many people love to do the big cleanings, but I enjoy it thoroughly. I stretch it over two or three days, put on great music (this time it's the ethereal music of Faun) and I love the feeling of cleanliness and tidiness when I am done - I also decorate the house autumn-worthy afterwards. That always gets me so cheery and puts me even more in the mood of autumn.

So whilst taking a pause at the moment, I am writing this post and thought it would be a great idea to share the Big Autumn Cleaning List that I am following for this year. Sharing it with those of you who are as crazy as me by liking to have a big autumn cleaning - or with those who don't like it but have one anyway!

© The Happier Home Maker

Something that is not mentioned on the autumn cleaning list, but which I love to do after the big cleaning, is smudging. An ancient rite to get rid of negative energy. I make the smudging sticks myself a week before the Big Autumn Cleaning, by tying sage and rosemary together and let it dry (for the spring cleaning, I tie flowers with the sage and rosemary aswell).

If you want to smudge your house, too, but don't know how: click on this link.

For those of you doing the big autumn cleaning: good luck and enjoy it. See it as though you wash away the waste of old and welcome the new. Which is always a good thing!

Happy cleaning!

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  1. I am a reluctant cleaner, and had never even thought of doing some of the things on this list! Thanks for the music recommendation, I had never heard of Faun and am excited to listen to the playlist you linked to while sewing today!

    1. It's my pleasure! Please let me know what you think of them!

  2. i've never been huge with any kind of cleaning in general, but tidying up and giving things a good scrubbing satisfies something in us all, i think. I've recently taken on another room cleaning for myself, and though i'm in up to my neck, i'm excited to simplify, to start fresh!

    1. Usually when I am frustrated about something I get into a cleaning frenzy! It works best for me and I can get the house clean ánd release the frustration aswell. Put on some music and let the scrubbing commence!

  3. Lovely post, dear gal. Autumn always brings out a powerful urge to clean in me as well - smudging very much included.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thanks for the checklist! I haven't started fall cleaning at home yet and your suggestions are great for changing my cleaning routine. Thank you for this post!


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