Recap of my week | week 35

August 30, 2015

Sweethearts! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Mine was a rather busy ánd at some days a dreadful one where I hardly catched any sleep or was able to take a lot of Instagram photos. Although the week was busy, I've also sought out quietness to empty my head, as is much needed these days.

At the moment the Netherlands suffers a lot of rain and thunder, which I love! Ben is off to work today, so I decided to spend the day with the curtains closed, lit candles and a aroma lamp with purification oil and with binge watching Salem. But first the recap!

Stunning little creature, little lord Percival

A book I read this week. Absolutely interesting, a must read.

I had to travel to my former hometown Apeldoorn, but missed my train by a second. It rarely happens to me and I got really cranky, mostly because I didn't had my coffee yet that morning. I was running late that day, and it was a day where everything went wrong. I also forgot my wallet and I whined about it all to my partner Ben on WhatsApp. The sweet dear suddenly stood before me with a hot cup of (much needed) coffee and waited with me for my train. 

I went with my dad to a town called Harderwijk to watch original etchings of Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Rembrandt is one of my fathers idols and inspiration. My dad (pictured above) is a painter himself, and a good one at that. He has expositions throughout Europe and of that I am, ofcourse, really proud.

Etchings of Rembrandt. It was magnificent to view the etchings in real life.

An absolutely heartbreaking but beautiful movie. A true story about a woman called Cheryl Strayed (played by Reese Witherspoon) who, after suffering personal trauma, goes to hike the PCT to find herself and see what she's capable of. She lost her mother Bobbi (played beautifully by Laura Dern) to cancer and she feels she failed her mother. By walking the PCT, she walks back to the woman her mother raised her. I cried. I really, really cried. Watch the trailer.

Sandwich Brie, Honey and Walnuts!

Nope, not a ghost but yours truly.

Sorry for the horrible quality, but these are exáctly my thoughts on what adventure and travelling is really about. I could not have said it better myself.

A delicious salad I made with purple potatoes. They are called Vitelotte's. In my country we call them truffle potatoes and they are quite rare. Once a week, Ben works at castle Hackfort where they grow, what we call in my country, 'forgotten vegetables.' Aren't they pretty with their purple color?

Not many people know it, but I am quite a spiritual animal. 

Not a night goes by that I don't have nightmares about horrible things happened in the past and I like what dreamcatchers stand for; protect you from bad dreams and only let the good ones through. So I bought a dreamcatcher in a very tiny shop called 'The World Shop.' 

Does a dreamcatcher really work? Well, the Indians believed so. They even hang them above the crib of their babies.

People must think me macabre, but I enjoy spending time on very, very old graveyards. There is one near my house that I visit regularly. The silence is so very beautiful, the rustling of the trees so soothing and there are so many beautiful animals all around. I especially love to go there in autumn time, when the world is shrouded in a beautiful color palette and the squirrels are having a ball with the acorns and leaves.

Visiting old graveyards always clears my head and gives me gratitude towards life.

Yesterday I cooked for friends this delicious vegan risotto rice meal with yellow and green zucchini, roasted paprika, wine and garlic. It was really good, if I may say so myself.

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  1. have you ever read the book Wild? I thought the movie was quite good, but having read her exact words a summer before, the depth and her writing voice actually makes the movie seem quite tame. Both are wonderful, but if you were affected by the film, i'm sure you would the book, even more.
    And that quote on travel. My goodness. That is what exploring is, that is what life is.

    1. I so desperately want to read the book and have been looking for it already. A book is, in my opinion, usually always better than the movie, so I believe you in an instant!

  2. Wat weer een prachtige foto van Percy! Gaat alles goed met hem en met Figaro? :) En ik ga er eerlijk gezegd wel vanuit dat je dromenvanger werkt. Ik heb er nu eentje sinds... 2010? En praktisch nooit nachtmerries, echt heel erg fijn. Al moet ik zeggen dat ik ze niet vaak had, misschien twee keer per jaar. Maar midden in de nacht wakker schrikken is nooit fijn. Ik hoop dat hij ook voor jou werkt!

    1. Dankjewel! Het gaat een beetje af en aan tussen die twee. De kleine wil natuurlijk heel erg veel spelen, en Figaro trekt zich daardoor een beetje terug, maar hij zoekt ook weleens de kleine zelf op om te spelen - wanneer hij daar zin in heeft.

      Mijn moeder hing vroeger al dromenvangertjes boven mijn bed toen ik nog heel klein was. Of ze destijds ook echt werkte weet ik niet. Ik wil de dromenvanger zelf eerst nog zegenen met een smudging voor ik echt kan zeggen of hij werkt. De nachtmerries zijn afschuwelijk, en op een zekere manier ook een groot deel van mij en mijn trauma's. Ik vrees dat ik de oorzaak moet aanpakken (en daar ben ik ook mee bezig).

  3. Lovely images! With the exception of one day this last week was not a winner for me at all (nor was today). I'm seriously hoping that September will be a 180 from it - fingers crossed!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It pains me to hear that your week was not a success, and I cross my fingers with you and for you for a better september.


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