Recap of my week | week 33 & 34

August 23, 2015

Hi sweethearts, how was your week? Time flies does it not? We're almost at the end of summer and, although I like autumn a lot and I look forward to having walks in a colorful autumn-y and lovely smelling forest without bugs, I really like for summer to last just a little longer. I am having such fun with the warm weather, and last week I have been making the most of it. I bought new camera lenses and gadgets and was trying them out for most of the week; I've been outside a lot.

I am doing two recaps in this post, as I promised to bundle last week's recap and this week's recap, due to very few photos last week when my phone was getting repaired. The screen was crushed to smithereens and the repair took longer than expected. But I got my phone back and I am using Instagram, VSCO and Afterlight more than ever.

It was quiet without my phone and I really liked not being dependent on it, plus I liked the feel of not being accessible at all time - which is really what you are with a smartphone. I've proven to myself that I am perfectly capable of living without one, but I like technology and the apps I have on my phone, so I was secretly very happy to have it back.

Without further ado I present you my past two weeks.

At the beginning of the week we had weather that resembled autumn a lot. Rain and wind galore. As I said: I'm not yet ready to give up on summer and I daydreamed lots of going to the beach. Luckily, after a couple of days the weather turned summer worthy again.

I got a lot of comments lately that Percy has grown so much. Indeed he has, though he's still a little furball. The vet told us he's going to be a really big guy. Percy is half a Norwegian forest cat, and these are the second largest catbreeds in the world - the biggest being the Maine Coon. Percy is much bigger than other kittens his age and he eats twice as much. But hey, there's a lot to cuddle.

Look at those fluffly ears and tail!

Playing a pretty statue next to my antique Indonesian vases.

I finally found a beautiful cuff bracelet that fits my petite wrists. I usually suffer bangles and bracelets that slide right off my wrists and hands. But this one fits and it's really beautiful. It reminds me a little bit of Egyptian revival jewelry.

My favorite sunglasses as of late. My second pair of repro Dita von Teese sunglasses. This model is the Femme Totale.

I went makeup shopping and these items were among the favorites I came home with. I've been lusting after these three items for quite some time. 

Pretty architecture in Zutphen #1

Pretty architecture in Zutphen #2

Pretty architecture in Zutphen #3

Saturday I was going on a bike trip. But first, coffee ... ofcourse!

My golden essentials that day! Femme Totale sunglasses, perfume is Erotique by Dita von Teese and the lipstick is Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor. I topped my look off with a collar necklace and Egyptian revival earrings.

One of my favorite breakfasts to go: vegan overnight oats with fresh blueberries.

For my food blog and photography I bought these amazing handcrafted black ceramic plates and bowls to serve my food in for my blog Dash of Nostalgia. I love rustic and dark ceramic serveware lots and I was happy to have found these.

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  1. Wonderfully lovely post - that oatmeal looks drool worthily delicious!!! I'm ready for fall, but not quite ready for best of berry (and stone fruit) season to be over.

    Big hugs & happy end of August wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Slowly I am getting used to the fact autumn is at our door, and yes I am starting to get ready for it.

      I wish you the same, lovely Jessica! xxx


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