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July 03, 2015

A heatwave has come upon us with a peak of 36 degrees celcius. Although I like warm weather, and really wished for it when it was colder a week ago or so, this heatwave is a bit too much for me (sorry, after all I'm still a Dutchie, always complaining about the weather) and I'm spending my time licking pistache flavored ice creams, taking lots of pictures and drinking from large glasses cooled in the freezer with self made lemonade in them, waiting for the weather to cool off a bit.

Yesterday, in the evening, we finally got thunder, hail (as big as ping pong balls) and rain and I loved it. I live in a centuries old city and it's so amazing seeing lightning flashing in the dark evening sky, litting up all the medieval buildings surrounding our Victorian house (our basement is medieval, but our house is Victorian). It's spooky and so fascinating.

When it was bedtime for me I opened all the curtains of our large Victorian windows to let some fresh air blow in and watch the lightning; it was quite a spectacle. That was .... until the lightning struck the neighbor's house. I've never heard such a loud bang in my entire life and it was quite frightening. I was shaking on my legs and my heart was pounding fast. Nobody was hurt, luckily.

Today the heatwave continues, so all I can do is sit still and do nothing. Well, perhaps just look at gorgeous summer fashions that I wish I'd owned to sit out the heatwave. 

I decided to share them with you!

I can totally see myself sashaying in this GORGEOUS Trashy Diva Flapper robe in these languid summer evenings whilst having some Daiquiri's and fresh fruit to nibble on in the garden underneath the green ivy.

How summer-y are these cute Miss L-Fire Rockerfeller sandals!? Recently I bought my first Miss-L Fire pumps and I was totally smitten with them, and hooked ever since!

I've always had a thing for cuffs and bangles, although, sadly, my wrists are usually too small (my wrist is the size of a child's) and they slide right off making it difficult to wear them. But it doesn't stop me from drooling over the pretty ones and I really like this delicate clustered crest cuff by Anthropologie.

Floral dresses are my go to dresses for summer and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful purple and white dress from Hearts and Roses with it's cute sweetheart neckline. I own a couple of Hearts and Roses dresses and I can tell the quality is great and the dresses comfortable.

I have a thing or two with printed tote bags and this one especially catches my fancy. Multifunctional for a day at the beach, or for your fruit and vegetable shoppings at the market. These bags are so DIY- friendly, too.

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  1. It's a firs; I actually have a couple of bags like that, but they have Rebel and Empire designs from Star Wars. The company gave me double swag at a presentation. :P

  2. A storm is always so nice after a day of heat - well, except for lightning hitting houses! But otherwise! I also think I am in love with that robe, it is truly glorious!

    1. Today will be another day of 36 degrees celcius, but read somewhere that there will be a storm afterwards.

      And, yes, the robe ... oh. I really, really want it.

  3. Awesome selections! The grape topped heels are just sensational!!! We have an annual wine festival here in my town and though I can't drink any alcohol (due to medical reasons) I would attend it just to wear the most perfect shoes ever for it, if I had a pair of those beauties.

    Things are really hitting their stride heat wise here as well. I love it personally - I think that I spend all summer trying to defrost myself after the 6 - 7+ month long Canadian winter! :D

    Wishing you a marvelous week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh that sounds as such a marvelous occasion to wear these! I could totally see myself doing that too, even though I don't drink alcohol myself either.


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