Recap of my week | week 29 & 30

July 25, 2015

Hi there readers, how was your week? I hope fine. Mine was anyway. I promised last week to bundle two recaps, as I didn't had a lot of photos to show last sunday, but now that it's bundled it's going to be quite a loooot of photos.

I loved these past two weeks; I've been seeing friends, visit museums, had quality time with Ben and, speaking of Ben, he started his new job last wednesday. I am so proud of him. He works as a guide in one of my country's most popular museums, Het Openlucht Museum, in Arnhem. Already at day one he came home so enthusiastic, he had such a great time, and his new collegues are all great people. That made me really happy.

Without further ado ...

After a little more than three years I finally met up with my sweet friend Michelle again, with whom I used to make photos a lot and whom I know for a very long time already (12 years to be precise). 

We always used to search the internet for haunted abandoned locations and went there. Some locations were absolutely terrifying.

It was good to meet Michelle again!

Feasting on homegrown vegetables. I am so proud for eating something we grown ourselves.

Ahh, macaroni au gratin. A popular dish in the 1940s. It looks odd, but it's so delicious. Before it goes into the oven you need to add on top of the eggs cream and buttered breadcrumbs. Not a healthy dish, but really good.

I picked up drawing again, yay. Drawing was the course in school I received the highest grades possible for. I never really was a kid interested in mathematics (I have dyscalculia, so the interest would've been useless anyway), but the only courses that interested me were the creative ones and ofcourse, history.

I grew up in a highly creative family and both my father and late grandfather are painters. Because I have issues with perfectionism, I never really found satisfaction in drawing or painting anymore and it saddened me because I LOVED to do it. I decided to give it a go again.

Ohh, I miss Penny Dreadful so much! I'm sure that many who watch it, too, found the scene pictured above so surprising. It gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Eva Green rocks as Vanessa Ives. I can't wait for season 3.

I made this delicious Ensalada de Calabacín and it's one of Frida Kahlo's salads that she served on festive dinner parties she held for friends in the 1930s. It_was_so_good! The recipe can be found on my food blog *here*.

Tomatoes ready to be slow-roasted in the oven. The way I slow-roast my tomatoes can be found on my food blog *here*.

My sister's dog, Ella. A traumatized dog from Croatia. She's such a darling. My sister and I both signed up for voluntary work in Croatia (or Spain) next year, to help stray dogs and cats.

I stayed over at my mothers house for a night, because I don't see them that often anymore eversince I moved to another city. It was good to see my family and my animals again.

I miss this cat sooo much! It's little Teddy. My mothers cat.


And Bo. Bo is my sisters cat and he came to live with us around the same time I got my Figaro. They grew up together and it saddens me so much that they miss eachother constantly.

Bo is really ill and he has a rare eye condition (which makes him feel as if he has sand in his eyes 24/7).

He couldn't have wished for a better person to take care of him than my sister. She is on top of it, giving him his medication throughout the day, coming home from her work during her breaks to take care of him.

Specialists from Germany help him with his condition but it seems to no avail. The prospect is that his eye needs to be removed. It breaks my heart.

Little Percy is really still a baby.

Our veterinarian told us that Percy is going to be a huge cat. Not a surprise, as a Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the largest cat breeds (with the Maine Coon being the largest). 

We had a financial extra and decided to stack up on lots of large bags of cat food. These bags are really expensive, but it gives Percy what he needs when he reaches the age that he can transition from kitten food to adult cat food.

Lazy cats on our bed. It makes me so happy to see they really get along. Ofcourse, Figaro being 7 years old (which is 45 years in human years hihi) gets annoyed by the playfulness of the little baby at times.

I watched the new Poltergeist. It was ok, but the old one is still the best.

Percy stole some avocado from my plate and avocado is bad for cats. I ran after him like crazy and here he's hiding in the waste paper basket, hoping I don't see him.

Ready to pick up my friend Michelle from the train station.

After having a walk in Zutphen, Michelle and I had some coffee at De Pelikaan.

We also had apple pie at Uffies.

 Michelle doing what she does best: photographing. She's an amazing photographer and photographs subjects as newborn babies to autocross. Have a look at her website:

The local supermarket, Albert Heijn, sold pretty Aloë Vera's. I love Aloë Vera and decided to bring home a couple.

The little one is going to be so pretty. Look at his ears!

Little spices thief!

Anaïs! My idol.

Figaro pushed me out of the bed. Look how happy he is with that.

Quality time with Ben at Uffies.

Uffies is a new eatery in my hometown and I really like it.

Because they have cheesecake on the menu! If there's cheesecake, I take it.

Ben and I had a day out, we went to the World Press Photo and the Librije.

The librije is a library from the 16th century for monks. The books are chained, but that's not to protect the books from people these days, but to protect the books from monks taking it with them and not returning it.

If you're interested in photography, like me, this exhibition is definitely worth a visit. I don't have any photos from the inside due to copyright rules, though in the end it appeared it was allowed to take photos. 

The World Press Photo covers press photos from the last 60 years. It did a lot with my emotions, which is what press photos are supposed to do. They show the world in its rawness, the sadness and grief, the pain and the horrors of actual situations. 

The exhibition runs 'til July 28 in my hometown in Zutphen, in the Walburgis church.

The Librije. The library was completely in its original state. Nothing was touched. The only thing changed was a windblower to protect the books from being ruined by heat. They need to be on a certain temperature. It's impressive.

Cooking with rainbow carrots!

Ready to go into the oven! I made Gnocchi with oven roasted carrots! Delicious!

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  1. What a full, lovely week! It's truly hard to believe we've hit the "30s" in terms of the number of weeks that have whizzed past in this year. On the plus side, that does put us closer to fall (which I love), but still. Goodness! This year is going even more quickly for me than the last. At this rate, I'll be fifty in what feels like a week! :S

    Have a great last few days of July!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's going ridiculously fast, indeed. And I am so not ready to give up summer yet most certainly not because we suffer heavy storms. July had it all in the Netherlands: heatwave, storm and even frost. I am hoping for a warm after-summer!


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