Recap of my week | week 27

July 06, 2015

This has been a week filled with heat, siësta's, cool drinks and fresh fruit. I always feel a bit caged with high temperatures, because in the Netherlands we are not used to it (our summer temperatures usually don't go higher than 25 degrees celcius) and therefore we're not a match for heat waves such as we had this week. But don't get me wrong, it had its charm, too, ofcourse and we can now say we experienced a real summer, as in the summer of 2014 there was a lot of rain.

Today the temperature will lay at a soft 23 degrees celcius and that makes perfect weather for a walk in nature, and have a picnic on a quiet spot, too, which is what I am going to do today with Ben, but before I gear up I want to recap my week with you!

On monday it was time for some Yoga. Quick, before the heat set in.

This has been my routine in the heatwave. I set this quote as the wallpaper on my desktop.

I'm sure many cat owners recognize this behaviour! Gnawing at the corners of whatever. Mostly books, tables and laptops.

Oh my! Look at him! Isn't he the cutest?

I had a long and tough day and I was not in the mood for cooking. Almost 99% of the time I eat healthy, but I was craving fries. You know, these meals are allowed too, in moderation. They make life fun.

My babies floored!

Those paws!

Got these vintage clasp buckles as a gift from my mother in law. So pretty.

Having a kitten is so nice, but it also means they whack everything off the table. In the picture the pen and my grocery list are the victim.

Cooking with fresh vegetables for a cold pasta salad

No large breakfasts for me in a heat wave. I had this tropical smoothie on the go.

Rocking slight boho hair! I decided I'd let my hair grow very long once more, just for the fun of it. I used to have extremely long hair for most of my life. 

In the morning train, and the sun was already so bright I'd decided to put on my sunglasses.

Delicious cold pasta salad.
Recipe *here*.

I don't like drinking straight from the bottle, but in a heat wave I do and occasionally rub my face against it ;-)

Little Percy is floored by the heat.

The book I'm reading at this moment; a perfect summer novel. It's considered as the Sex and The City of the 1930s. 

Percy is finding some coolness next to the bottle

One of the things that makes my hometown, Zutphen, so beautiful, is that most people in the city have rosebushes at their garden fences.

 True words spoken by my idol, Anaïs Nin

Strawberries, my to go lunch in a heat wave

My coconut oil became coconut water in this heat

Pretty words by one of my favorite lyric poets, Rainer Maria Rilke

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Awww, they're both fabulously cute!!! How lovely that you get to have kitten in the house this summer.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Your cats are so adorable! I melted at that little face peeking over your laptop screen. I'm part way through re-reading The Group too, it's so much more brutal and cold than I remember it.

    1. Aww thanks, they are both so sweet! <3


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