My Summer Essentials for Keeping Glamorous and Fresh

July 04, 2015

The Netherlands is suffering a heat wave that is almost as hot as the hottest heat wave ever measured in my country (in 1944) that had record temperatures between 30 and 38 degrees celcius.

During the day I bide my time reading perfect summer novels, sketching, writing and sashaying in original 1920s cotton undergarments. Perfectly comfortable ánd glamorous.

Although our beautiful 1920s fan is spinning, and I eat ice creams as if I can melt into the ground any moment now, the warmth is suffocating and it's hard to keep a glamorous posture when it feels as if Hades' gates to the underworld are right here in my house.

The nights don't give any coolness either; the temperatures stay around 28 degrees and all I can do is sleep in the nude with the curtains wide open and cling to a two-liter bottle filled with frozen water.

You might think "who on earth cares about looking glamorous with weather like this." Well, true in a way, but no one would like to do their daily groceries or have a drink on a terrace with their hair plastered against their forehead, sweaty armpits and with a body odour that can be smelled a mile away either. It is possible to look fresh and fruity without much effort, and smell the part, too.

I'll show you my summer essentials for staying fresh, and give you some tips on how to keep your head cool in a heat wave along the way, too.

Exfoliate for a beautiful, glowing skin.
Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin is essential in summer as skin cells are shed quickly, and your skin can look dull if you're not getting rid of dirt and dead cells that are laying on top of it. I exfoliate my skin two times a week with the Purity scrub cream by Dr.Van Der Hoog. It contains grapefruit and lime extract (which is actually summer in a tube already). 

I have a sensitive skin, but it reacts very well to this scrub, and it also smells so good and summer-y!

Protect your lips and skin
It's unbelievable how many people protect their skin, but not their lips for the harmful sun rays. Lips don't have pigment, like your skin has, and are therefore burned ridiculously fast - it's really no fun having burned lips. They become sensitive and painful, and when they're burned badly, blisters may occur. Not glamorous at all.

For my lips I use my trusty and favorite Burt's Bees lipbalm with Vitamin E and Mint. When you smear it on, the mint gives your lips a chill - and that's so welcome in a heat wave. Even better to use for your lips in summer is a lipbalm that contains SPF.

Burned your lips already?
Cool them by making an ice compress. Use a wash cloth filled with ice cubes and press it against your lips to reduce swelling, and coolness also reduces pain. Slices of cucumber will do the trick aswell. Also drink a lot of water; sunburn causes dehydration. Use a lipbalm with vitamin E and Aloë vera, and stay out of the sun for a while to let your lips recover.

To protect my skin against the harmful rays, I use Garnier Ambre Solaire. It's non greasy and waterresistant, and smells really good, which also helps you to smell good during the heat.


Water spray and perfume
Facial spray is my most desired summer essential during a heat wave. Usually I use Avène Thermal Spring Water, but these were sold out at the apothecary. I needed a facial spray badly, and I read good things about the Evian Mineral Facial Spray on other blogs; I decided to try that one out. 

It's so refreshing to use. For people in the Netherlands: you can buy this facial spray at Douglas or Etos, but be aware that when you buy it at Douglas it will cost you more.

The Mineral water penetrates and hydrates the skin and it also revives cosmetic colors, which is not a bad thing when you want to look glamorous and fresh. Evian facial spray can also be used for babies.

For feeling glamorous, don't leave out perfume. Use a light, but long fixing perfume. My go to perfume is, ofcourse, Dita von Teese's Fleurteese. It's fresh and floral, with the top notes being Bergamot, Casablanca Lily and Jasmine Sambac. It is summer in a bottle and I get a lot of compliments from strangers when wearing this heavenly scent. Dita knows a thing or two about glamour and it shows with this perfume.

But wait there's more ... !

Stock up some little perfume roller balls.
They are super handy and can be carried in your bag. Whenever you want to smell fresh, grab a ball and rub them onto your wrist and behind your ears.

Perfumed satches in your drawer
The perfumed satches will add a fresh scent to anything, and the scent appears during hot weather.

Shower every day before you leave the house
Rinse off old sweat and it makes you feel instantly fresh and glamorous again. I usually start with cold water but end with warm. Why? When you shower warm, you feel cooler when you come out of the shower. If you end with cold water you come out warm. The latter you want to avoid.

Mix sunblock with your favorite fragrant body oil
It protects your skin ánd makes you smell fresh.

Use a good laundry detergent 
For the simple reason that it needs to get rid of old odors. 

In summer I have absolutely no desire for warm meals or drinks. I still my hunger by eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, and drink fruit infused waters, smoothies and use refreshing fruits, such as limes, to spice up my non-alcoholic cocktails (cocktails are a must in summer, right?).

Aside from the coolness and lightness of fruit in your summer diet, it also helps to energize and hydrate your body. A must in hot weather.

Are you thirsty? Watermelon is my antidote and will help you replenish the lost fluids of the body. It keeps you cool and hydrated, and melons also contain lycopene, which is a natural protector for your skin against sun damage.

With tropical weather, I always crave exotic fruits aswell. Pineapple is a good fruit to eat and it's packed with vitamin A+C and contain cancer preventing beta-carotene.

More tips for looking glamorous ....
Girls with long hair will know the aweful feeling of having long hair in summer. It feels like a hothouse in your neck! I usually milkmaid braid my hair to keep it out of my neck and face, yet keep that vintage look. Add some flowers and you're summerproof.

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  1. Imagine living like this for at least 6 months of the year - that's what Australia is like most of the year, or at least where I live...

  2. I gave some simple staying cool tips to my friend in the UK as I'm used to this kind of crazy weather. I hope it's cooling down for you now! And I'm going to look for that Evian spray, it sounds lovely.

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

    1. It did cool down today, finally, which I also realllly needed. I took the opportunity and ventured outside. Tomorrow will be hot again!

  3. Fabulous tips and product choices. I could happily live off fresh fruits and vegetables, perhaps with some lean grilled meats or salmon every single day of the season, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much! Before I became a vegetarian I'd ate a lot of grilled meats in the summer aswell.


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