Iced Coffee with Cardamom Whipped Cream

July 07, 2015

Me and coffee are inseparable. If you see me on the street, trying to catch my early morning train, chances are I am always walking (well, running actually, cause I'm almost always too late to catch it) with a coffee in my hands. In the colder days it's a warm coffee from the trainstation and in the warmer days, like now, an iced coffee from my favorite, Starbucks.

People who know me know I have a love/hate affair with coffee. I've been in a caffeïne-fueled affair since I was 17 and trying to quit it for two years now. There are many things I swore off, cold turkey, without a problem, but as it appears coffee isn't one of them. I might manage to go without coffee for one day, but on day #2 you better get out of my way; I'm almost as bad as people trying to quit smoking - and they can be really bad (come on smokers, you know it).

Now that summer is in full swing, I am not looking forward much to a hot cup of coffee. I usually stock up on supermarket bought Starbucks iced coffee's, but sometimes you need to ease down a bit on the spending; these coffees are rather pricy. So, why not make my own iced coffee, and a large batch at that!? Being Barista has always appealed to me, and now I can. Let's get started!

What you need
Coffee grinder
Mesh sieve
Cheese cloth or paper towels
2 containers, or something else to store your coffee in

Ingrediënts for the coffee
  • 10 cups cold water
  • 1 cup grinded Espresso beans
  • Caramel flavoured coffee syrup, as much as you like
  • Sweetened condensed milk, as much as you like. I used 3 tablespoons for a large glass
  • Splash of whole milk 
  • ice cubes
  • Optional: grated dark chocolate
Ingredients for the cardamom whipped cream
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 tablespoon Muscovado sugar (very dark brown sugar)
  • dash of cinnamon
  • dash of cardamom

Grind the Espresso beans with a coffee grinder the evening before you go to bed. Add them to a container, or a saucepan, and add 10 cups of cold(!) water. Cover it and let it stand on room temperature for atleast 8 hours. I make this the evening before I want to consume it, so when I wake up I have my coffee.

When the time has passed grab the second container and place the sieve on top of it and add a cheese cloth or paper towel inside the strainer, slowly pour in the steeped coffee. Discard the dregs.

You can use the coffee in the same container, or you can pour it in to a pitcher.

Refrigerate the coffee so that it will be nice and cold. I like it réally cold so I let it stand in the fridge atleast an hour.

While waiting, you can make the cream! Add to the cream 1 tablespoon of muscovado sugar, cinnamon and cardamom and whip until it has a nice and thick consistency.

When you're ready to make the coffee, add to a glass some ice cubes and fill the glass up till ¾ with the coffee. Add the condensed milk, a splash of whole milk, coffee syrup and stir. You can even add some sugar if you like really sweet iced coffee, or you can add a pinch of celtic sea salt to bring out the flavors. The latter is one of my favorites.

Add a dollop of cardamom whipped cream and top with grated dark chocolate.


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  1. Deze ga ik bewaren! Dank!

    1. Leuk! Laat je even weten wat je er van vond, mocht je hem eens maken?

  2. Wonderful.
    I like reading about people's choice in coffees. Myself, I like to have mine as pure as it gets.
    1. Coffee beans roasted medium.
    2. Grind the beans.
    3. Put water to boil (one cup water per person)
    4. One full teaspoon of coffee per cup.. let rise and foam (make sure it does not "run away" since the reaction is fast).
    5. Sweet by taste (or no sugar at all).
    ..drink hot. ...
    I believe you call this Turkish coffee 🍵


    1. Ooh, I must try it that way sometime!

  3. I'll have to try that one out at a friend's since I don't have a coffee grinder. The dude's a good cook, so, I won't ruin it. Thank you, lovely! :D

    1. Do try! :-D Let me know what you thought of it.

  4. That sounds positively fabulous!!! I adore cardamom and think that it is one of the most underappreciated spices in a lot of the world, North America massively included. I could see this recipe being great in hot cocoa form, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I do see that working fabulously, and I am going to try it when winter comes out to play again!


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