Things I'm loving lately | 17.06.2015

June 17, 2015

Hey readers, I hope you all have a fantastic wednesday!
This week I really wanted to write a Things I'm Loving Lately post, because I thought it had been too long ago that I shared things I love. But, blogging is been put on the back burner here, mostly due to babysitting a young kitten -which I do with pleasure.

But there are other things that catch my interest more than blogging; namely the outdoors. Wanderlust has been creeping up on me and I often daydream of packing just a few bags, rent a VW van and have a long hike in, for example, Alaska. You know, like Christopher McCandless, sans the dying by potato seed poisoning ofcourse. Sadly it stays with daydreaming only, because I have animals to take care of, and I couldn't miss them for so long! I satisfy my wanderlust by hiking in the Dutch forests; not a punishment either!

Anyway, as usual I'm loving a ton of things and I could easily go on till tomorrow. Yet, I decided to grab just a few things I really, really, really like lately.

Here goes!

© Image found on Pinterest. Claim if yours.

►►► Tightlacing + Corset ◄◄◄
If you follow me on my Twitter, or read my Tweets on the bottom of this blog, you know that I have recently started tightlacing. It has always been a dream of me and this month my lovely Ben, who knew about this dream, surprised me with the news that I could pick out a good corset on his expense. I was absolutely delighted and picked one. It had to be shipped from England and since a couple of days I am now seasoning my corset, to prepare it for wear on a daily basis and to start reducing my waist. I think it's one of the prettiest and most intimate forms of body modification.

Now that I have tasted a bit what tightlacing is (I'd knew I'd love the feeling), and as someone who has always been admiring the beauty of corsets, I now have a big taste for collecting more than just one.

My current corset is black, but I'd love to have a nude/peach satin corset, and I immediately fell in love with the corset pictured above. It's gorgeous!

© Ikea

►►►French Breakfasts in the Sun◄◄◄
Like my grandfather before me, I am a huge Francophile and I love almost anything that has to do with France. The times that I have been on vacation there (I have warm memories of my vacation in the utterly rural Montribourg) emphasized it only more. The cuisine .. oh don't get me started!

On sundays I love to prepare French breakfasts and now that it's summer I LOVE to eat it outside very early in the morning when the sun has just risen, and the birds have just awoken.

►►►Blueberry, Lemon, Mint Infused Water◄◄◄
Long before infused waters were a thing, my mother used to make this in the summer. Filling large jars with water and fresh ingrediënts, and I've always repeated this when summer came peeking around the corner. Drinking water is not really my thing, but it's important to stay hydrated in the summe. Adding a little flavor to otherwise dull water did the trick for me.

My current favorite to go for this summer is the Blueberry, Lemon, Mint water! Find it *here*.

►►►Tagliatelle with Green Asparagus◄◄◄
This is my absolute favorite recipe as of late. I made it myself and it can be found on my food blog. It's such an easy and delicious recipe and I love to fall back on it when cooking inspiration left me or when I didn't had the time to cook.

►►►Boho Weddings◄◄◄
I am obsessively pinning everything that has to do with bohemian weddings on Pinterest; being somewhat of a bohemian myself I just love it and I would like to have my own wedding in this specific style. Find my Boho Wedding Pinterest board *here*.

►►►Green Tea Matcha◄◄◄
For a long time now I am trying to get rid of my coffee addiction, because I think I'm way too addicted to it and I want to change that. But ... it isn't so easy! I needed to find the perfect replacement for my coffee in the morning. 

When I was waiting for my train to catch (which I just missed at that point) I decided to grab a coffee at Starbucks -a place where I can be found often. On the spot I decided to challenge myself and get a green tea matcha instead, as I heard they're good replacements for coffee: they wake you up, but give you the benefits of green tea. Perfect I thought. I can now tell you that I want Green tea Matcha anything: ice, cookies, cakes, smoothies and whatever.

But I still drink coffee by the way ;-)!

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  1. The corset is AMAZING !!! ♥♥♥

    1. I know, right!!? It's so gorgeous!

  2. Boho weddings set my heart aflutter as well - they're so dreamy, serene and gorgeous.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. What a beautiful corset! Do you know this blog from an american tightlacer? She has many tipps and links to good-quality-corsets on her blog:

    1. I didn't! Thanks so much for the tip!


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