Recap of my week | week 25

June 22, 2015

It's almost summer and it for sure doesn't feel like it. It's actually a cold spring and autumn combined. I don't like it, to be honest, because I was looking forward to summer as soon as it ended in 2014. When looking out the window I see many people who seem to agree with me: their faces are as dreary as the pouring rain.

I was almost tempted to put the heater back on (which I actually did .. sshhht) and Ben even catched a nasty cold that I remedy with home grown herbals and a lot of grated ginger tea. Ginger tea works against a shivery, feverish body so every now and then I catch a cup myself because this weather makes me shiver quite a bit.

I have a ridiculously short recap post for you today and was actually thinking of combining this week and the next, as the next week will be a busy (and lovely) one for me. But even so, here it is!

© Brittany Markert

One of my all time favorite photographers (Brittany Markert) held a giveaway on her Instagram account. Her work is absolutely amazing, so I was more than willing to participate. You had to regram the photo!

My little forestcat is watching Jackson Galaxy ... and perhaps learning a thing or two.

He's the most photogenic little chap éver.

Een video die is geplaatst door Lindsay Lane (@lindsaylane_) op
As the caption reads: Percy is bouncing on the bed and keeping us from sleep!

Finally watched the movie Cinderella. I absolutely loved it and the fashions (with many 1940s influences) were gorgeous. Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother was gloriously evil and emphasized her abilities as a great actress.

Lunch made from scraps. Oven roasted pears with mustard and baby spinach.

Percy hiding in my vintage furs.

More hiding in my vintage furs. Not hiding out of fear, but playful hiding. Ready to charge whatever moves!

I hope you have a lovely week ... and pléase do a sundance for me! I need sun!

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  1. i enjoy your recaps because you have a good eye for things, but also share these little interesting tidbits. while it was cool there, the hot prairie wind was blowing here, and the contrast makes me shake my head in wonder.

    1. Thank you so much! It's so funny indeed how weather can differ in different places on earth. But that's one of the things that I love about it so much.

  2. We have lots of sun here in Italy...I will send you some!:)

  3. Your kitten is so adorable!! :')

    1. Ah yeah, he really is. But very naughty, too!

  4. Those oven roasted pears look amazing! I love pears - hit upon a lusciously ripe, perfectly juicy one and it is, to my mind, one of the best foods ever to exist on this earth.

    Have a splendid first week of summer, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I wish you the same, Jessica! And the pears were really good indeed!

  5. It's finally getting warm and sunny over here in England... in between the summer rain of course!
    I'm not really a cat person but your new kitten is such a cutie, what a gorgeous little face! Em x

    1. Finnnnnally the sun is here, too! We're even expecting a tropical heatve!


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