Recap of my week | week 24 #kittenspam

June 16, 2015

This recap exists mainly of kitten photos - for very obvious reasons! It has been a buzy week, 'cause after all ... having a kitten is a day chore (but a lovely one), hence this post came a little late!

Without further ado!

This quote by Dita ... I can relate to it so much! And, looking at my Instagram comments on this photo, I am not alone ;-)! I just want to rock a porcelain skin all year round! And yes, that gets a few laughs here and there. Sigh.

I loved Marilyn's shoes on this photo so much I had to Instagram them.

My third blender in a short period! The other two decided to quit on me and leave me with a kitchen full of green gunk éverywhere. I decided to invest a little and bought this one. What a relieve!

Sad news of the passing of Christopher Lee. A marvelous actor and quite a good metalhead ;-)! He even recorded a new metal album recently, shortly before his death.

Percy's first day with us.

Figaro wasn't so charmed at first but it's getting better every day!

Catnip overdose!

Oh he's so pretty!

As a cat befits: sleeping next to the catbeds instead of in them. Currently he occupies the catbed of Figaro. Ofcourse, because another cat's bed is much more interesting than your own! 

Tired of playing!

I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Peek a boo!

It was a warm day! I have my ice cold orange juice in a gigantic wine glass. Fancy!

Waiting for the right time to attack my hand.

Too cute!

Finally playing together!

I want to apologize for a rather monotonous recap post, but really sorry is not what I am. I mean, who doesn't want to see kitten pictures, right? He fills my day with so much joy and I want to capture it!


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  1. Lovely cat pitures - thanks for the cuteness overload^^
    Greetings, Sandy

  2. I am precisely the same way, and not just because I burn faster than a piece of toast, but because I love the pale "strawberries and cream" hues of my skin. It's one of the few elements of my appearance I don't think I've ever had qualms with, come to think of it.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ahh I know exactly what you mean! I've always been proud of my pale skin even though it got a lot of laughs from the mean girls in school.


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