My Summer Bucket List

June 29, 2015

For this year's summer, like every summer, I have big plans. I always get so cheery and all adventurous from deliciously warm weather, but sometimes I have so many plans that it's hard to remember whát exactly.

What I always find helpful, and cute, is a bucket list. I usually have three bucket lists going on, like, 100 things to do before I die ... or 50 things to do before I turn 30. It always makes me happy when I can cross things of my bucket list, because it means a wish, or dream, came true. I have had the privilege to see many come true.

For now, with summer arrived, I wanted to share with you my summer bucket list. Without further ado ...

Hosting a glamorous cocktail party for me and my good friends
I am actually already working on this, and I'm buzy inventing delicious cocktail recipes (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and tasty, healthy bites to go with it. Everything will be held in a glamorous and vintage atmosphere. I will post about it, too.

◦ Picnic with my significant other
I always think of picnics as something romantic. Being all hazy in the grass, looking up at a blue, blue sky in a perfect summer frock, with delicious food to nibble on and have selfmade lemonades as a refreshment. In a perfect world ... bugs wouldn't be there, too!

◦ Taste every ice cream flavor
Who can do without ice cream in a heatwave, right?

◦ Star gazing with friends
I used to do this many summers back with beloved friends. We'd just park our bicycles somewhere and lay on our backs in the grass in a forest nearby, a bit dazed by alcohol, and gaze at the stars .... contemplating if we would still be friends when we would all be consumed by our grown-up lives. The answer to that question? Many of us still are. I would love to do this more often this summer.

◦ Make home made ice cream / Make ice cream sandwiches
Pinterest gave me much inspiration what flavors to make and I am quite eager to start this.

◦ Having pizza on the grill
BBQ's will be held plenty, but I'd look forward to have a night with friends where we would just throw selfmade pizza's on the grill.

Have a water balloon fight
It's so much fun!

◦ Drink from a coconut
Tropical and so summer-y

Travel to different cities and villages
I've always loved travelling on a whim - and luckily so does my partner. I love to just grab our bikes, pack food and drinks in a rugsack for on the way, and ride to another city, have an ice cream there or go out for dinner in that particular city, have a drink on a terrace and then ride back. It's so fulfilling.

◦ Pick wildflowers
I love wildflowers and especially in a bunch of different colors. Put them in a colorful vase and they summer-ize your house in an instant!

◦ Visit a botanical garden
I have a huge thing for botanical gardens; it has something nostalgic and romantic. Perfect for a soft summer, hazy afternoon.

◦ Take a mini road trip
The perfect summer adventure, right?

◦ Make homemade lemonade
Homemade lemonade is so much better than the chemical sweetness sold at the supermarket. I want to make many flavors this summer and have them in beautiful vintage glass bottles - or mason jars.

◦ Dance in the rain
The summer usually also knows huge rainfall and these are so refreshing (and makes the air smell soooo good). When I was very little I used to dance in the rain with mom in the garden. I want to do this again!

◦ Visit the farmers market
Although farmers markets are not as big in the Netherlands as they are in the U.S., we do have them. I live in a diverse city with lots of farmers in the outskirts. Many times when I grab my bike and go for a ride on a lovely summer day I come across farmers that sell their homegrown fruits and vegetables at the side of the road, and even honey for a steal. I usually take a basket or a shopper with me, for this sole purpose. There's something so satisfactory in buying from these local farmers instead of buying it from the supermarket. You help the farmers heaps, too!

◦ Dining Al-Fresco
One of the most popular things to do in summer with many people, and it's something I want to do véry often this year. A large table, candles lit, a wind chime heard in the background and a cold, selfmade summer pasta salad on your colorful vintage plate, whilst being in good company! Ah, the good life!

◦ See lots of live music
Summer and live music are a match made in heaven. I used to go to festivals very often in summertime and it were one of the best moments in my life.

◦ Make a summer wreath and wind chime
To cheer up the house!

 ◦ Just enjoy life!
Well, enough said right?

Do you have any plans this summer? Has my bucket list inspired you? 
Let me know!

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  1. Awesome bucket list :) This makes me miss summer so badly!

    1. Thank you so much! And aw, you're experiencing winter now, I guess!?

  2. Your list is full of perfect summery things! I'd love to do all these too and hopefully I will. Stargazing is particularly great, it's amazing that you can can see things that are so far away! X

    1. I just love it and it makes me feel so tiny!

  3. This is a lovely list, Lindsay! I want to do some of the things on this list as well, like the stargazing, and the cocktail party! I wish you luck getting through it!!

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

  4. Thanks so much for including my watercolor bouquet on your summer bucket list! It's available on my new website. :)

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      You are an amazing artist! I love your work.
      I have changed the link to your new website!

    2. Thanks so much, Lindsay, for the kind words and the link change! You have a lovely blog!

  5. Super true!!! I tend to do that as well, often forgetting on a chilly March day how much the heat (which I do truly love all the same) knocks the winds out of my sails. I made a somewhat similar list post myself back in the spring, but little did I know (in fact, I didn't know at all yet) that Tony would be gone for work to the States all summer and that a lot of those plans would get altered. Not all, of course, but a fair number. No worries though, I'm still making the best of this beautiful season and am so grateful that it's upon us again.

    I hope that you get tons of stuff on your summer list done and that you have a blast in the process.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aw, that's sad, but I'm glad to read that it does not held you from making most of your plans come true!

  6. Perfect summer bucket list! I think I'll do that 'taste every icecream flavor' as well! And if you have any recipes for the home made lemonades, I love to hear them :-)

    1. My favorite lemonade recipe is this one from Oh She Glows:

      It's healthy aswell, without any sugar! I have a few more recipes that I will share this summer!

  7. That is a great list, my dear.
    You know - I have yet to taste the icecream this year. :) (not that I don't like it.. it's simply the fact that most of the flavours here awailable are tasting like an industrial creme.. but as soon as I find a REAL and awesome-looking one - I'l go for it)
    Dinner Al-Fresco sound amazing. I haven't hosted one yet, but I do an afternoon version of it.. Wekl, to be honest, I don't "do" much, I just place stuff on the table and let folks mingle, taste, sit around whenever.. more like a "lazy afternnon" :)

    My list features: making a new cake.
    Every year I must make a new cake for my birthday.. so, I'm on a lookout for a good recipe.


    1. Making a birthday cake is an excellent idea if you're the birthday girl in summer. Are you gonna post about it?

  8. Absolutely perfect summer.her list!


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