Let me introduce you to little Percival (Percy)

June 15, 2015

I have always had a thing for Arthurian legends and knew that when I would have another cat I'd call him after one of the Arthurian legend characters, or after one of the Ancient Egypts. Our new kitten has been named after sir Percival, one of King Arthur's legendary knights of the round table, but the kitten's nickname is Percy. We only call him Percival when we want to sound interesting ha ha!

Ben and I have been searching a long time for a new kitten to accompany my most precious cat Figaro, who has always been used to growing up with other cats but who he had to leave behind when moving with me from Apeldoorn to Zutphen. He missed the company, but as he was always the lowest of the pack he had some rest aswell. Yet I wasn't all too sure how Figaro was going to react to a new cat, and after two years we decided to take the jump.

Nowadays it's not easy to find a kitten since the popularity rise of cats on the internet (of which I am a huuuge participant by the way) and cats are overpriced or already given to people. Ben and I were actually looking for a black male kitten, because these are the least desirable cats solely for the stupid reason that their black fur doesn't photograph well. I have a weak spot for the least desirable animals or animals with a handicap - they deserve to have a wonderful life, too!

When Ben saw a small litter being advertised on the internet, a litter in Zutphen actually, we decided to react immediately, even though there wasn't a black kitten. We had the first pick. I wanted the little kitten without the white paws.

The owner of the litter is enormously kind and offered to us that we could come by to look at our new little kitten any time we wanted to. When we saw the kitten for the first time ... we were sold. He was a little afraid and started hissing (with hardly any noise coming out at all) and to me that said that, even though he was a little afraid, he could stand up for himself quite well.

Usually people who come to view a litter shy away from scared and shy animals, but not me. I love to guide the little one to a life with no need of fear, and work on a strong bond between us. I recognize myself in these scared animals, having to deal with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (among other things - hey, let's leave the stigma's behind) myself.

Ben and I could hardly wait bringing little Percy home with us and when he was 8 weeks old we could. He brings so much joy to our lives already and, although Figaro isn't that charmed of Percy yet, he responded really softhearted and with much curiosity. I didn't expect anything less of Figaro, by the way, who réally never has harmed a fly or any other living creature. He was even stunned when the little one was hissing and came towards him walking like a little crab.

But Percy was delighted to see big Figaro and tries to headbutt him all the time, and invites him to play. Percy is really, really naughty and was actually exploring the house already the same evening of the day he arrived. He was also enormously curious of my family who came to look at him (and who were in much awe because of the cuteness overload) and that took me by surprise. Shortly after, he walked around as if he owns the place, and éverything is seen as a toy.

Doesn't he have the cutest face? My little gib-cat (Gib cats were Norwegian forest cats mentioned in the prose Edda from 1220AD that draw Norse Goddess Freya's chariot)

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  1. He is so beautiful!!! I love the name you picked :)

  2. When I had my cats I named them after Mordred (the black one) and Percival (the red and white one) - what a coincident^^ Sadly I had to give them back to my aunt, who gave them to me in the first place, because of a massive cat allergy breaking through. I never experienced such struggle with breathing and tearing eyes before even though I even lived with a cat and dog under the same roof for about 5 month previously. It's so sad for me to not own cats but I love to look at them on the internet as well^^
    Greetings, Sandy

    1. Wow that's indeed a coincidence! And I feel for you for not being able to keep your cats. I am allergic, too, I am asthmatic but somehow I built up a resistance which people seem to do. But your allergy sounds really severe. I'm so sorry.

  3. What an incredibly sweet little ball of cuteness! I'm thrilled for you guys and your darling new family member. Please give sweet Percival an extra cuddle from me and Stella.

    ♥ Jessica


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