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May 08, 2015

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you're all having a great week so far and a fab weekend in sight. I certainly have, especially now that the weather is rising and is heading towards summer-y temperatures here in tiny ol' the Netherlands. I have lots of activity planned; I'll be hiking and bicyling a lot the upcoming week, and there's even a picnic planned, which I have been looking forward to almost the entire winter. I will also spend time on the waterfront of the river the Ijssel, which is just a minute away from our house. I love to just sit there, enjoy the weather and talk about life with my significant other.

With spring in full swing, I get so cheered up and it made me realize so much the more how much I have missed the warm seasonal sun, and what the moody weather actually does with my mood. I remember how Ben was wishing for a cold and harsh, snowy winter and how much I was wishing it would be over soon. I am prone to winter depression, so you understand why!

However, with the seasons changing, my essentials do too. I decided that, this year, I want to wear less heels and more fashionable flats. I am not going to abandon wearing heels altogether, because I have some gorgeous ones in the closet that just scream to be worn this summer, but for my back's sake I really need to slow it down and walk more often on comfortable flats.

I knew I found the above discussed comfortable flats when I saw these übercute and eye-catchy jelly Mel flats (Mel is the playful younger sister of Melissa shoes). These are also similar to the shoes of the same brand I saw on the feet of Dita von Teese - who is a big fan of Melissa. I knew I had to have these and bought them immediately, together with another pair I saw in Dita's possession.

Melissa shoes are made of recycled plastic, come with a subtle scent, and are vegan, too. I love this highly popular and fashionable brand and these will not be my last Melissa's; they have quickly become my favorite brand for flats.

Note: Dita is wearing the Melissa Ultragirl Sweet III in the linked photo.

This lemon and mint water is perfect for a kick-start morning. I usually drink a bottle of this after my daily dose of coffee to wash away the bitterness of it, or when I am done with my Yoga class. 

I like mint tea a lot, but with the weather getting warmer I noticed I am craving a cold version of it, and this bottle of lemon & mint water is just perfect. 

As for the sunglasses: although I'm flirting with cat eye sunglasses for this summer, I still covet the popular sunglass shapes of the 1930s and 1940s, and these tortoise sunglasses go really well with the bow of my Mel flats.

Although Erotique is my favorite fragrance by Dita von Teese, Rouge is my go to lately, and red lipstick is something I never leave my house without. 

Without perfume and red lipstick, I never feel fully dressed! Am I alone in this?

Sunglasses: Ebay
Fragrance: Rouge by Dita von Teese
Flats: Mel Pop VII black by Mel
Lipstick: NYC expert last lip color Red Rapture

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Not in the slightest! I've actually rushed back into the house before after locking the front door and heading towards the car or bus stop, simply because I realized that I'd forgotten perfume. Sure, I can and will go out without it, but I prefer not (ditto for lipstick, but that I almost always carry with me, so applying with my hand mirror is a snap if I forgot to put it on inside).

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ahh, so I am not the only one. And yes, I can go without it, too, but I prefer not to!

  2. I LOVE your sunglasses! Do you happen to know what they were called? I've been having a hard time finding more authentic looking 40s sunnies...

    1. Not really, but aren't they just called round sunglasses? It's the term I used in searching, and finding, the ones pictured!

  3. I love those sunglasses! I had a black pair of 40s sunglasses but my dad destroyed them last year so I'm searching a new pair... But they are hard to find.
    Although I don't wear a lot of flats, those are indeed super cute!

    1. Aw, bummer! My boyfriend had original 40s sunglasses aswell but I accidentally broke them. He's looking for a new pair for a while and finally found them last week!


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