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May 10, 2015

Hi lovely readers, did you all had a fab weekend? And are you celebrating mothers day today?
This week in the Netherlands we had rememberance day (4th of May), and celebrated liberation day (5th of May).

I was a bit shocked to see that there are quite a few people these days, in my country, who think the commemoration is nothing more than farce and were disturbing, purposefully, the two minutes of silence. This really, really angers me! I grew up with having these two minutes of silence, for every casualty of WWII. We live in freedom for 70 years now, thanks to those who have fought for it, and many who gave their lives for it. What on earth, are a mere two minutes of silence to remember those who gave us our 70 years (and hopefully counting) of freedom? Right, nothing too much and certainly not a farce!

During the rememberance, Ben and I also remembered the two people who have lived in our current house, and who were deported to, and died, in Auschwitz. Can you imagine that, living in this house feels, at certain times, loaded? You live in a house where two people were lifted from their beds and were forced to leave this house -their home, their safe haven- only to never return?!

In our house there's still, to this day, an investigation going on, due to a Möbel-aktion that took place in 1943. Möbel-Aktion, also known as M-Aktion, is the term of the looting of furniture of that was sent to Germany, and this happened not only in our house, but in several other houses in our hometown aswell. That there's still an investigation going anno 2015, actually tells you that WWII isn't that far behind us in the past - at all! And that's why the people disturbing the two minutes of silence anger me so much.

On the 5th of May, Ben and I decided to seek out the quietness of nature to celebrate liberation day. The weather was really good and we went on a hike to a small village, Warnsveld, near our hometown Zutphen.

It was all good and kind, until hell broke loose and it started to rain cats and dogs, heavy thundering and even hail. Ben and I had to rush out of the forest as quickly as we could to avoid the falling broken branches and ofcourse to avoid getting hit by thunder - the storm was right above us. That we were in danger was emphasized by the fact that, sadly, two young girls died in the same storm (but different city) when they were seeking shelter underneath the trees and were struck by lightning, dying on the spot. Poor, poor girls.

Ben and I were soaking wet and hid, very romantically, from the rain underneath the pent of an empty and abandoned Chinese restaurant, and eventually had to brave the neverending rain again, and hike our way back to Zutphen. But I really loved this bit of excitement and I slept really well that night - completely rosy because of the fresh air!

Let's see what my week looked like!

Ben and me on our way to Warnsveld

My essentials for the day! Now that weather is getting warmer, I am craving more iced coffee's, especially those of Starbucks. Always Starbucks, ofcourse.

Beautiful Warnsveld!

We made it! ;-)
Although the sky is blue, you can hear the thunder in this fragment. By the way, if you clicked play on the fragment it will keep playing. To stop playing it, click on the fragment again!

Beautiful Mansion in a tiny place called Voorst.

So delicious! Strawberries dipped in cream, then dipped in brown sugar. Simple, yet delicious dessert!

Selfmade pizza. Always a big favorite - and so simple! This pizza contains sundried tomato pesto, cherry tomatoes and mozarella. 

I still have abandoned alcohol for good - almost two years now - but I occasionally drink a dealcoholized Chardonnay.

My cooking always contains fresh ingrediënts. I simply refuse to cook food from cans and tins. Look at these gorgeous carrots!

When I was casually doing my groceries, I suddenly came home (well, it was delivered the next morning) with a gorgeous 1920s bookcase, for such a cheap price! This bookcase is not going to function entirely as a bookcase, 'cause I will unleash my shelving lusts on it. And yes, ofcourse it will have some books in it! You know the quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero, right? A home without books is a body without soul. Ben and I have só many books!

Ofcourse the cat has to explore the bookcase first! When the bookcase is finished, I'll probably show it in its entirety to you in a recap of my week post.

Look at these tassels! I covet these so much!

A delicious lunch with brie, walnuts and honey. Yummy!

I received these ubercute Mel jelly flats in the mail. I talk about them in *this* post.

We bought a robot mouse for our cat Figaro. He wasn't all too sure what to think of it, but he's going crazy for it now!

Have a great week!

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  1. There have been lots of celebrations in England this week to mark the 70th anniversary of VE day. I think it's so important to look back and commemorate. So many people gave their lives and the least we can do is remember those lives lost. My respect and admiration for those people is so high, I agree with you that the silence is very important x

    1. I'm glad to read there's more people who find it utterly important. I hope this commemoration will live on for many more generations to come!

  2. In America, we do not have these holidays but I agree, they are so important. It drives me absolutely nuts that our Memorial Day and 4th of July are nothing more than a long weekend to get drunk and be stupid all in the name of 'freedom' for the majority of people. Theses are times of great importance for remembering all those who have fought and gave their lives for our freedom and way of life. Great post, all that yummy food, oh you have made my mouth water.

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. You're so right, miss! And, thank you!

  3. That is so disheartening and shocking. Wow. Shame on each and every one of those who fail to understand the immeasurably importance of days of Remembrance. Thankfully such is not widespread in Canada (with our Remembrance Day on Nov. 11th), but give it another generation or two, and sadly I could easily see that happening worldwide.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree with you, it is shocking to me aswell. These are the people who will make this horrific war fall into oblivion for future generations to come. Which is what never, ever should be allowed.


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