Old Hollywood Hints for Glamor 1948

Rita Hayworth in her most glamorous role 'Gilda', 1946

© Written by Ida Jean Kain for The Miami News, 1948

If filmland's fabulous Sam Goldwyn were to beckon you to Hollywood, you'd first go through their finishing school. Today's column gives away the secrets of that glamorous curriculum.

The keynote is persistence, according to the experts. Glamor is one part natural prettiness and ten parts practice. Then it gets to be a habit.

Beauty and Bewitchment, say the specialists, are made up of a lot of things, including ...

- Good Grooming: establish a regular program for policing your person and your personal effects. Hollywood defines a well-groomed gal as one who's ready to look her best on 20 minutes notice.

- Lovely posture: Whatever you do, do it gracefully, smoothly and with economy of motion.

- A trim figure: Cut the calories if you want to cut a slimmer figure, and do homework in specific exercises for redistribution of weight. You're heard that one before!

- A well-chosen wardrobe: Never buy what's in style if it isn't your style. Classical, uncluttered clothes should form your wardrobe's basis.

- A pleasing voice: On this point, the Hollywood experts really bear down.Voice improvement may take training, for an ideal voice must possess pleasant pitch, colorful modulation, clear enunciation and correct accent - and must not be too loud.

- Something to say: No use in speaking up in your loveliest tones unless you're alert and well-informed.

And now - maybe it isn't what you expect in a glamor course, but the major emphasis is on good health. To every glamor student, the professors assign a half-hour of open-air exercise each day. And the beauties follow a daily food pattern that makes for stamina and sparkle!


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